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A Prayer going out to Clash with Ash

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  1. #StandWithAsh <3

  2. I will be praying for clash with ash and I do hope he gets though this tragedy

  3. Omg i never knew what you look like

  4. Can someone say what jake said in german?

  5. i was also thinking about him.. sorry to hear about your brother, tim.. #standwithash!…we r with u buddy

  6. Damn, poor Ash :/

  7. May God bless Ash, his family and his beloved brother. Our prayers are with him. #StandWithAsh

  8. Jake, morph from Red Elite. We have started a gofundme to support ash through this difficult time if you know anyone who would be interested.

  9. My clans thoughts are with you, Ash

  10. Thoughts with your family Ash

  11. which one?

  12. im so sorry i know the feeling to lose someone young u really loved. i send u all my positive thoughts on ur way.

  13. God bless you Ash and you family!! #StandwithAsh

  14. Praying for you Ash. I can't imagine how difficult this time is for you </3.

  15. Sending Prayers ASH! Stay strong man! we all love you! #Prayers4ASH

  16. Truly the only 100% honest and genuine youtuber i have watched in the past few years, prayers out to ash and his family

  17. Praying for him and his family…..

  18. So sad man I can't believe

  19. Sorry to hear brother, God bless

  20. God bless ash, his family and you too.

  21. #StandWithAsh

  22. omg poor ash ;(

  23. God bless Ash..Sorry for your loss

  24. Praying for Ash and his family.

  25. may God bless him and his family. I will definitely keep him in my prayers!

  26. Tim, we are so very sorry to hear of your loss. our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  27. nice of you Jake , things like this is what makes you an awesome person !

  28. great support for an awesome member of the coc family. my thoughts and prayers go out to ash

  29. how can anyone dislike this if you did then #gofuckyourself

  30. great of you to say that jake, way to go man, may not still play clash but your are still awesome and you have my continuous support on patreon

  31. oh so sad