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Air Attacks at TH9: When / How to Use

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  1. great vid. can you/have you do a video on jump spells versus quake? As a new th9, i used govaho a lot @ th8 and quaked, so i'm trying to figure out how to adjust with this new spell option. thanks for your great vids!
    also all these atks were maxed troops. are air atks just not an option with only lvl 1 hounds? suggestions on when to use an air atk without max hounds?

  2. Pls make video about new update and tell supercell to not nerf healers that way!

  3. Another good one!

  4. go watch some pokemon, misty is the gym leader of CERULEAN gym, its a colour xD uve got it right tho

  5. damn good!!!!

  6. Great video, thanks for posting.

  7. I like it ! The Vid helps me a lot for my th9 account ?

  8. heard healers are gonna avtivate seeking air mines!! is it true?

  9. love they air vids

  10. Great video ?? helps a lot also why don't you do some farming stuff and pushing?

  11. So helpful, thanks. I'm terrible at air, sigh.

  12. Glad to see this being posted I'm just starting to try and teach myself this strategy

  13. I've always thought that for a successful LaLoon you should bring 1 Lava for each AD and 1 extra, but recently I've been seeing a lot of attacks without that extra one. When is a LaLoon with only 1 Lava for each AD viable? Is it because the bowlers take out such a huge chunk of the base?

  14. Are youMaking a vid abt the balance changes?

  15. Please make a Video About the healer change. I'm REALLY Mad about them triggering traps again

  16. Golaloon all the way! Got 6 stars last war with it.

  17. very happy about an air video

  18. As an air attacker I was so exited to see you post this.