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Altar of War is recruiting! (TH9, TH10, and TH11 players wanted)

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  1. Th9
    27/27 heroes

  2. hey ash… th9 level 15 both heroes and currently working on it… golava or queen walk with air/ground troops.. over 1k stars and 1m war loots

  3. ههههههههههه

  4. I'm a max th9 with King lvl18 and Queen lvl15 all troops maxed and keen to learn

  5. Townhall 9 heroes both level 10 favourite strategy goho

  6. "Must have both Heroes active for war" hum, so we could not upgrade heroes (AQ=23/BK=21)

  7. To apply, please fill the following form in the comments below:
    – What Town Hall level are you? 9
    – What are the levels of your Heroes? 12/11
    – What is your favorite strategy? GoHo

  8. Th9
    24 queen
    Queen walk goho?
    Love the videos keep it up ??

  9. Hey Ash,
    My Name ingame is Jash. I'm th9 maxed defense and all Walls are lvl 9
    My favourite strategie is GoHo or govaho
    I've got over 500?
    My heroes are just at level 12/13 but i am on the way to level Them up.

    i have got a clan where I stay all time, but it would be awesome to join your cw's for 1 or 2 weeks;)

  10. I am a max th9 including walls, with a level 28 queen and 26 king. I am not a very good 3 starrer but I want to learn. I would love to join. Thanks!

  11. i am in th8, king lvl 10 and my favorit attack is Mass Drag attack and Gowip attack

  12. I'm a th9 with level 2 witches level 3 golems and level 3 valks with level 5 hogs I mainly use valks because I'm only good at them but my king and queen are low King level 10 queen level 7. ?

  13. Th9- Both Heroes 10 Favourite Attack- GoHo

  14. Maxed TH9 walls included, level 30 queen lvl 27BK—>28. Favourite attack strategy is GoWiPe for 3 starring new th8s. 😀

    Lol, jk. It's GoVaHo, QW GoLaLoon, traditional TH9 3 star strategies. I won't be joining till I max my king, will take ~ 11 or so days.

  15. I am a town hall 8 and to tell u the the truth I don't have my heroes at the level they need to be but I have a secret weapon that helps me a lot that weapon is a mod it helps me see the enemy's traps which helps me create a plan of a attack this mod also helps others as well not just me

  16. th9 with level 15 king and queen. favorite attack strategy is goho

  17. I am Leader Of My Clan I wanna Join to Learn how to 3 star and i will leave as soon i have learned it to help my clan
    Town hall:9
    attack stagie:healer queen+hog
    Plz ash let me join any of your clan

  18. I'm a Town Hall 8.5 but havn't started upgrading to town hall 9 yet. #verything except golem max.

  19. TH9, maxed defense and maxed troops execpt valks, but in 11 days finished and then lv 4
    Barb Lv 17 Queen 20
    over 500 war stars
    gohog and golaloon

  20. name : mahua
    th 9
    king 22, queen 21
    attack: zap-quake golaloon, AQ-laloon

  21. th9.5
    BK lev25
    AQ lev29
    Gw lev9
    attack strat – golaloon

  22. TH9
    Heros lv 23 both
    Hogs is my favorite

  23. Max Th9 but 12 heroes !!

  24. TH9Level 16 BKLevel 15 AQGoLavaQWAlmost maxed th9 just upgrading troops and lvl.10 walls and heroes

  25. – TH 10
    – lvl 24 queen lvl 23 king
    – I can do three stars with gowiwi and gohog + 2 stars with drags with high %

    I wish i could join u Ash 🙁 I'm a huge fan :(((

  26. – What Town Hall level are you? 9
    – What are the levels of your Heroes? BK 15 : AQ 20
    – What is your favorite strategy? Golem Wiz Hog

  27. I'm a town hall 8
    I have 300+ war stars
    Kind lev 5

  28. hey ash . I am a th9 max war troops. BK 20 AQ 19. xbow lvl2. all lego walls. fairly new as th9 to wars as had opted out of wars for about 2months now to keep both heroes upgrading lol . Have had success with goho and golava strats. kindly reply

  29. hi i cant come to ur clan coz im running my own war clan and i won 7 wars in row , its new and its lvl 2 , we have won every war plz check us out one time and give me ratings out of 10
    clan name – Fire Cracker Z
    location – india
    clan points at least 10k
    leader is me , MAX
    thanks please check us out

  30. max town hall 8

  31. I want to be on youtube!

  32. What if I'm th9 and my king is 13 queen is 15 and my defences r quite low except xbows r level 3 but troops r maxed

  33. Max defences/troops/spells Th9, 15/18 Heroes and GoHo

  34. pls let me join in your clan

  35. but I'm th8

  36. Max TH9 defenses. AQ 13 and BK 12. Almost 15. level 107. 650+ war stars. All troops maxed except valks and minions

  37. my name is ROHAN'S CLAN from royale

  38. TH 9
    KING 14/QUEEN 12


  40. th9
    hero lvl 10 both

  41. th8 with lvl6 bking favorite attack strategy is 2lightning 1 quake with a rage mass drag or 9 drags and 4 loons

  42. Cool clan! :D

  43. Hey .. Can i Join? TH9 Max Def.. 20/20 Heroes.. ??