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Amazing GOWIPE 3 Star in Arranged War | Clash of Clans

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  1. It's the same idea as the golem Avalanche, (See at OneHive Raids) it's the deadzone that makes it possible to 3* with such attacks

  2. matty look up war whales vs we are spartans fynn from ww 3* a th11 with clutch gowipe

  3. bro, didnt you saw Surgical GoWi? Thats just with some Pekkas. This strategy, works probebly only for Dead Zone bases.

  4. Surgical GoWipe has been around for about a year! Anyway nice vid haven't seen it in a while

  5. Great read on the base

  6. thats why dead zone sucks, you could easy gowi or gowipe them

  7. i said this before in one of your videos. a lot of anti 3 star bases are so random you can gowipe them.
    i copied one of the bases a while ago and got three started the first time.

  8. Yo Matty, you should have seen the attack Anthony did on ChiefLogan in our EE and EF scrim. Beauty of a gowipe xD

  9. this isn't really a gowipe. it's just a modified golem avalanche.

  10. lol

  11. Anti 3* bases are difficult for goho and golaloon… Hence the double giant bombs and queen placement. Gowipe with high heros always 3* against anti 3* bases.

  12. LOL i thought you made a late april fools video at first!

  13. You should start playing clash royale your youtube career will grow more! Love you!

  14. With a lower level Queen this raid would not have been a 3 star. Also gowipe will only work on certain bases like the one shown in the video. Interesting video anyway.

  15. he put his last golem too early

  16. Looks like golem avalanche to me, just with less wizards and 2 pekkas :D

  17. well this was more one of those surgical mass golem attacks the pekkas didnt do anything lol

  18. What…. Gowipe is a 3 star strategy now? Kill me already

  19. I have faced this attack am so happy that you did a vid on it ???

  20. Well I mean, you have seen something like this before: basically every attack against deadzone bases ever. They just didn't feature a Pekka. It's pretty common knowledge at this point that deadzone bases can be taken out with avalanche golems and wizards behind. I had a 6 star war against 2 deadzone bases back when I was in Red Elite, and they looked just like this attack, just without the Pekkas. And since it's such an effective way to clear deadzone bases, you can waste 50 troop space worth of wizards for two Pekkas instead and still 3 star. I totally get the novelty factor though, but I was kind of hoping it was against another kind of Anti-3 star base since we see these types of attacks every time we see deadzone bases. Please be on the lookout for a GoWiPe 3 star against a good Anti 3 base though, because that will still be a sight to see :)

  21. I take some loons with me, then deploy them when all Air defences are down with gowipe!?

  22. This is why dead space sucks

  23. Dude how do you always make these dope thumbnails ?!?!