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Archer Queen Walk + GoHo 3 Star Attack Strategy for TH9 | Clash of Clans | Town Hall 9 to Titan

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  1. you are reaaly good attacker

  2. wow i use it now and with Golavaloon its 3 stsrt thank y ??

  3. Does it works with a lvl 15 queen? And lvl 15 king? U r gr8 attacker btw ash!

  4. can u make a th8 prefect troll base…

  5. you nailed it ! Th9 and th10 specialist :0

  6. more Clash Royale tutorials please Ash

  7. Wow your very good at attacking!!!! You hit 20k subs on my birthday so in your next video can you give me a shoutout please!!!!

  8. Hey ash amazing video! Do u think I could use this same strategy on max th9 bases with lvl 17 queen and lvl 13 King? (Plz Respond)?

  9. Awesome Vid ASH!!! Keep up the good work! <3

  10. hay it was so cool but when i copy your style 50-60% fail ???

  11. Best coc farmer

  12. Ash, can you plz make more videos of TH10-11 farming (all resources)? u.u

  13. You're so smart when it comes to this game wow o.o I just turned TH9 about a week ago and am using your cube base (:

  14. wow well done man

  15. I wish I was as good as you lol I'm a maxed out th10 and suck at attacking lol.

  16. Wow you're really good at attacking. I couldn't do that…

  17. cool

  18. Post or live commentary?

  19. You're goat

  20. Do more!

  21. nice vid man! you should have waaayyy more subs

  22. Nice…cool….keep it up…I appriciate you guys..(COC youtubers)

  23. gg

  24. the best tutorial ever..100% work..youre the best ash :)

  25. last

  26. First