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Ask Atta EPISODE 3!!!

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  1. Nice vids Bro??

  2. Atta has a bag of ass in the topright corner LOL

  3. CQOTD: What even happened to Nesquick?

  4. for 20,000 do a house reveal

  5. You Giys Don't Aks ATAKSKI About "DO HE HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?" You Can See Every Time You Guys Ask That Kind Of Question He Becomes DEPRESSED. ??


  7. You should do a face reveal for 20,000 subs.

  8. We love you

  9. nice channel, hey would you ever play destiny, cause men I suck at that game & a nice tips from you would help a lot, I really enjoy your channel & your brothers keep doing what your doing.

  10. Wait why don't you play COD anymore?

  11. When u do Q&As do cod gameplay. And keep up the good work❤️????

  12. Wait. Isn't this episode 4? No homo

  13. U alone at home? Lol. Just wondering…

  14. Will you play battlefield 1 when it Clem's out?

  15. I am watching captain amerci a civil todat

  16. Atakski can you please try more fps games maybe you could do halo or battle field I know your bored of bo3 but a lot of people are here for you not bo3 so please find a game that you like and find it quick because I love your videos and enjoy watching them after school and when you don't upload it makes me ?

  17. Are you going to dye your hair again?

  18. #AskAtta 1. when will you and your bros be doing more vlogs 2. when do you play on going over seas with ur fam or just you (i wanna see you and ur bros one day 🙂 ) 3. will you and jeff be movig out of your house soon if yes when? 4. what games will you be doing in the futer and last qestion when will you do a face revel of a fan.. or subscriber

  19. Maybe play some GTA 5 with Cam for the next time?

  20. clash royale is a pay to win! and they don't try to hide it!!. that's terrible.

  21. #AskAdda What country do you (currently) live in, what state?

  22. #AskAtta Could you do a few sick beatbox beats?

  23. omg ur just 19, how about ur chriss and jeff and ur sister?

  24. Can u do more vlogs altogether with ur brothers and sister.. it's my favorite video to watch seeing u guys altogether u are so fun to watch…

  25. Go have fun for your 20000subs vlog it :D

  26. Atta when are you and your brothers going to do another animation video?that first one was really good!!

  27. what happen to nesquik

  28. I like that nice, soft, smooth, fluffy couch ;)?

  29. I need nesquick I always look forward to see his videos

  30. #AskAtta: Have you ever had a girlfriend

  31. CR, to me, is no way pay 2 win. I've only spent 25 $(yes, it's a but much) But now I have basically everything besides legendary's, and at 2400

  32. what was the worst restaurant experience you ever had? #AskAtta

  33. So what's up with the CoC Vids?
    And Battlefield 1vs Infinite Warfare

  34. will you ever do a open lobby in bo3 with your subscribers??

  35. #AskAtta: Will you do more challenges?

  36. #AskAtta: Can you rap?

  37. Title and description are wrong

  38. Where's nesquik

  39. great job bro

  40. Nice couch :)

  41. #askatta when r u going to mention your rival clan

  42. will you ever do 1v1s with subscribers (quickscoping)

  43. ask,do u got a girl friend??????

  44. Ask Atta: what is ur favorite Bo3 Gun

  45. Amazing video bae?

  46. What happened to nesquick