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Ask Atta Episode 5 | Bad Impressions, Mad Rap Skills, How Fast Can I Eat a Banana

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  1. Dude 3 commercials, really?

  2. #ask Atta what has been your favourite game that you have played so far

  3. #ASKAtta Which one of ur brothers do u like more? Chris Or Jeff?

  4. I got a Naruto FB page 😛 can we get in touch

  5. yes I love the dorrs don't work vid do more please

  6. Would you ever consider playing zombies with subs?

  7. Atta you should name change family Friday's to family game night ?btw love this series :)

  8. #ASKATTA who was your main inspiration to do YouTube

  9. Do challenges, like never have i ever. i think it'd have nice banter with Chris and Jeff?

  10. Love the intro man

  11. what is the scariest thing you have ever done

  12. sick new intro bro

  13. #ASKATTA

  14. #AskAtta will you make a group in bo3?(its the new update)

  15. I exaggerated the impressions a little bit ??

  16. Atta you won't respond to this

  17. nice video ?

  18. #AskAtta what kind of music do you listen to

  19. One person is now dead to me.

  20. Hey guys! Please subscribe and look at my channel! I'm new to YT so I don't have that many vids yet but please subscribe and like! My videos or CoC Clash Royale, and hungry shark world

  21. The impression of Jeff was amazing XD

  22. How do you get the intro from