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Ask Atta Episode 6!! Scariest Moment of my Life

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  1. you should eat half a pizza or quarter of a pizza as fast as you can i say half because you could most likely do it without puking and also you can then eat pizza like a normal person :D

  2. Are you gonna be like Matt Stonie or something? Lol

  3. #askAtta how fast can you drink one gallon of milk?

  4. atta i want to join your clan

  5. nice

  6. Make a how to die

  7. try eating another ghost Chili peepers lol

  8. someone speak wewwe2ww

  9. #askatta: how quickly can you eat a whole bag of marshmallows?

  10. Hey Atta I know we kinda forgot about him but tell Nesquick that we still want him back, ok? Thanks man love your vids

  11. is Atta, Robert?

  12. #AskAtta Have you played Uncharted 4 and will you do a gameplay on it?

  13. #askatta who is your favourite youtuber

  14. #askatta how fast can you drink a bottle of milk… halfway through watching "world's largest spot gets popped" on YouTube

  15. Cooper is a doge

  16. lmaf

  17. Hey I am stoned jedi in your clan,love your videos

  18. amazing ? Atta Slays?

  19. Im part German too. Im learning German as my second language.

  20. #AskAtta How fast can you eat a cheeseburger? (Sorry I'm Australian, I mean a hamburger c:)

  21. but cam says he his part Asian how com you be a part German???

  22. I love French so I want to learn French as my 5th language

  23. Awesome video atta???

  24. coooopppperrr???

  25. Lol I'm awake cos its 10:55 in the morning in the UK…

  26. #AskAtta How fast can u eat a blueberry?

  27. plz more cooper vids

  28. hi atta

  29. ur clan member just kicked me for no reason!

  30. atta make a family fridays videos with cam and jeff. plsssss… in minecraft..plsssss

  31. what was the scariest moment of your life

  32. pls do more family Fridays Minecraft

  33. hey atta reply me "hey bro" and your channel shall process