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Ask Atta Episode 7 | My First Fight

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  1. Kids in africa could have eaten that cat of yours.

  2. Lol bandit being so lazy today,, well I guess he did that every single day lol…

  3. #askatta if you have a chance to help bandit or cooper from fall off the cliff, which would you choose and why?

  4. #AskAtt.If you could be a pro at anything what would it be ?

  5. Also great job on you channel it's growing a lot !!! Keep up the great work bro.

  6. Atta when will your clan be open again, if I can join I hope we can talk some time soon 😀 <3

  7. #askatta
    What is your cat's name?

  8. #askatta what should I ask?

  9. #Ask Atta do u have a car, what kind of car is it?

  10. #askatta How do you feel about a game Only about call of duty zombies (Treyarch zombies only)

  11. #askatta : Whats your favorite street food?

  12. #askatta have you ever been tempted to have sex if yes with who


  14. my first kill wus when i wus 3 an i wus behind da dumpster!!! XD

  15. :O a fight??? I GOTTA SEE DIS!

  16. #askatta will you play more coc like cam because it got him to 1mill

  17. #AskAtta Which of you brothers are older? Chris Jeff Or Atta

  18. Keep up the good work Atta! Love the videos

  19. What CoD should I buy?

  20. #AskAtta, Are you going to play Call of duty black ops 3 zombies with your brothers?

  21. #askatta why did u change ur Channel's name? It didn't say anything about cod. So yeah

  22. me too always losing

  23. CQOTD:Dude What happened to Nesquick though is he good?

  24. Have you gone into big trouble with cam and Jeff?

  25. aww ur cat is so cute :)

  26. nice outro music

  27. Ask Atta where is gaming with nesquick We miss him?

  28. #askatta. can i join your clan

  29. #askatta are you a virgin? If not, when did you lose your virginity?

  30. Y pum, un comentario en español, saludos Ata!! :v (camsucksatattacking)

  31. Question for Atta: Do you look up to your brother Chris?

  32. #AskAtta Mc Donald's or Burger King?

  33. #askatta do you watch star wars?

  34. The ACR=Life

  35. #askatta: what's the craziest dare you've ever done?

  36. Ask Atta. How much do you love me?

  37. How was your poop after eating the Carolina Reaper? xD