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ATTA SLAYS ( Ask Atta ) EPISODE 8 | Major Car Accident, My #1 Regret

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  1. #askatta would you every come to Australia to play footy?

  2. #askatta why do u suck so much?
    JK i luv ur vids keep it up no offense

  3. is your battery always low

  4. #ask atta how fast can you eat a slice of watermelon

  5. KITTY

  6. When are u gonna die

  7. Why don't u play/record with Chris like Jeff does? It might be a bit more fun but I still love u.

  8. keep going bro. ?

  9. Awesome video!!!!

  10. Do you know the answer to this question? (love the vids)

  11. YANKEES FOR LIFE !!!!!

  12. #askatta Can you and Chris have war on Clash of Clans

  13. Lol good show. you seem so timid tho. don't worry everyone tells me the same thing

  14. #askatta Name your top 5 favorite anime at the moment.

  15. Are you saying I will get mauled by a bear because I live in the mountains? •_•

  16. what is your favorite food???

  17. #askatta Are you an indoor or an outdoor person?

  18. #askatta What are your top 3 favorite sports?

  19. Omg that Is the longest charger I have ever seen

  20. AskAtta#9 Can you please create a feeder clan?

  21. Great video! Really like your channel. Keep uploading your great!

  22. Your cat is so cute

  23. wakin up after a coma…worst feeling ever Atta i see wat ur sayin o.O

  24. a car accident->????? so sry but yhur out of it now :)

  25. igot hit by a truck when i was 9 i was in a coma for 11 days

  26. are you the oldest I know that Jeff is the youngest

  27. Hey Robert tell you're brothers to change the Family Friday's name to Family Fun so you can play more

  28. thx for answering my question and answering it ?