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Attack Meta #2

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  1. Btw love this series

  2. How can i get more involved in cwl? Do they let th8's war and where can i watch the war recaps

  3. Keep up the good work! :)

  4. Nice video, man! Keep up the good work. One question – Are you Ruth Rickett? lol there´s a channel named like this that pretty much post all your videos. You might want to report him, bro.

  5. tyvm dude and I also wish your clan to get back on terms

  6. one more thing, what about hghb?? ain't helpful anymore??

  7. dude it really helps.. a big thumbs up?

  8. I like this series. If the video gets too long, you could do one for TH10/TH11 and a separate one for TH9 (or whatever split makes sense). Keep up the awesome work!!

  9. Dude, great video but FYI the warden's ability is called Eternal "Tome" – tome rhymes with home, it's not pronounced like tomb. I can't even concentrate on the content when you say it like that, lol.

  10. nice video. Like this series and analysis.

  11. love the series!

  12. Thanks for putting this together!

  13. Snice

  14. what is the new meta for th9?

  15. Great series please continue, its very helpful shared with my clan so hopefully picks up a few more subs for you

  16. this is a great video, thanks and plz continue this series!

  17. Great video, I'd like to see more to know what attacks work. Try if you can to find more th10 vs th10 3 stars.

  18. hey

  19. for th 11 on th 10 also bowlers_witches works

  20. as a fairly recent th10 on a regional friendly clan with mainly th9.5, 9 and 8.. I feel bad after this video.. I've been having trouble getting those 3star on decent th10 with none ring bases.. my heroes aren't still maxed and I feel like that's a big issue, but I've been trying mass bowlers with almost zero sucess, witches I can't find a good mix for them, mass valks work's on ring and rush bases, most of the time, queen walk with govaho or goho and some bowlers on the cc also work from time to time on more compact and low defenses bases.. I'm trying to get into the air attack, but danm those things are hard to do.. and my queen walk either takes more spells than planned or just goes sour..

  21. Great series. Thanks for putting in the time. Much appreciated.

  22. Hi bisectatron,

    Big fan of your videos. Just wanted to ask you the reason you changed your clan to Onehive Alpha.

    Also I tried to send friend request many times but it says your friend has too many friend requests already.


  23. I use shattered goho on my baby th9, shattered hobo on my mid th9 (15,15 heroes) and stoned hobo on my maxed th9 (18-20 heroes) and usually get the job done fresh hut

  24. Thanks for showing attacks from Immoral Thieves! – THE WONG

  25. awesome video! 🙂 I would love to see this series continue! :)

  26. nice