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[Attack Plan #7] Drawing 3 Star Attack: Gova-Lalo Strategy

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  1. u r THE Best!

  2. why are you not talking?

  3. Thx for video im LegenderyTurk/kaizersoze :)

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  6. Really that's good

  7. That's good

  8. Very good

  9. I'm from Iraq
    I love you

  10. goooooooood

  11. what is the name of this app

  12. thx

  13. king will die fast if you send him before de cc troops come out, also Valkyries

  14. Jack which app you use to draw?

  15. I loved how you showed us your plan in advance and then showed us how it worked. I really enjoy and appreciate your videos. Please do more planning / drawing / strategy videos like this. ??

  16. hey man! nice growth! uve been in my clan onve. x.CLASHERS.x a lvl 9 clan. i was a th8 named bobby bobberson. u probably met d.clasher, PIIIVIIIP and x.Kingslayer.x
    at the time u were new to yt. good job! keep it up! love how ur growing!

  17. tu es un génie!!

  18. masterpiece)))

  19. hay đấy

  20. Such a well planned out attack!! Just WOW!! Nice vid man , keep it up! Liked and am a sub

  21. I JACK SPARROW COC um i love your videos and ugh i really wanted to know what do you record with and are you on ipad phone, android, apple?

  22. Continued my hero your videos magnificence

  23. like que buen video saludame

  24. thx i love the idea of showing how u plan bfor attacking?

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