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Attack Strategy TH9 (QC EQ Baby Dragon) | Clash of Clans

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  1. What hero levels do you recommend to do this strat?

  2. Awesome dude. This attack just seemed like too much to wrap my head around. Now that i see it broken down, its really quite a simple concept (execution on the other hand.) thanks for the great content. Keep up the Gw

  3. Awesome video btw

  4. SGP from WHF?

  5. SGP is a beast!!

  6. Awesome videos man, love to hear ya ..Ninja live videos are the best :p

  7. minimum queen level?

  8. u have very quality video buddy…… keep up subbed to U ……. AwsM vid

  9. Brutal Raids – I'm a 30/26 th9 3-star specialist (60% hit rate) on my way to 9.5 until I hit 40/40.

    I see that Ain't Nobody isn't looking for th10's. What about soon-to-be 9.5's?

    I'm not planning on dropping any th10 defenses until I can double th11's and triple low-level th10's. I'd be a bowler donation factory as well – looks like you guys are light on 10's.

    Is there a place for me?

  10. thanks for the video..

  11. ?

  12. 1st