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Attack Your Own Clan Mates | NEW Friendy Challenge/Battle Feature in Clash of CLans

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  8. Heres a idea to help you……… copy the same enemy base in war and whoever is attacking that base in war should Battles the person that made it as there layout to see if your strategy works…..

  9. When does the update release???

  10. #featurecreature I'm Thiamond ✌?✌

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  12. #featurecreature wicked you should do a video saying your comments once you've already tested this new feature

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  14. Idk how to tho. Plz help

  15. I like this except for the fact you can set your base as your opponents war base and then you can practice attack for war. Probs heaps more 3 stars

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  17. classy #featurecreature

  18. Personally I feel this is a good feature but you are right there is some level of abuse which might happen. However, there are many solutions for war base copying. Here are some suggestions which people have suggested, and having some of these will allow to keep the friendly challenges without disrupting war strategies.
    1) Do not allow friendly challenge if clan is at war. This is a simple fix which will not allow people to just copy bases to find 3 star attack strategies in war and will still keep the fun of having friendly challenge when not at war.
    2) Keep a cool down for Friendly Challenge. A person should only be allowed to post 1 friendly challenge in 48 hours. That way if in war, they cannot change bases and test out multiple bases.
    3) Add a gem cost for friendly challenges (not my favorite). Maybe 5 gems. This will make copying and challenging bases unnecessarily expensive.

  19. Why. Valkyrie its stay lvl 4 max. How it's happened

  20. when is the update comming.? today or tommorow?

  21. wow bro ppl will play back coc the bessst game when this willcome out omgggg cant waitttttttt yaaaaaa

  22. #FutureCreacher nice vid wicked!

  23. All recruits will be tested before acceptance to clan? Cool

  24. #featurecreature
    nice vid!

  25. You will lose the element of surprise!

  26. so when it comes will be launched I can't wait??

  27. this must be the reason why theres a maintenance

  28. Now Der will be more fair play…

  29. Now I will prove that I'm better than my leader ?

  30. Yeah an arrange war button would be great so you can friendly battle other clans….nice video btw Wicked ??

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  32. Wickeds Channel = YES YES YES SOOOOOO MUCH YES

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  34. #featurecreatur i can defenatly tell that after that ubdate comes out most of the clan are going to 3star the enemy

  35. yes now I can 1 star my leader

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  37. This footage is really old. Look at the valkyries level at 0:38

  38. #featurecreature Finally friendly battles in clash of clans i wanted it since i started playing clash royale. Great vid Wicked!