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Attacked 9 Times in Clan War | Best TH8.75 War Base Designs | Clash of Clans

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  1. I am a th8,75 for a while but still searching for a good Trophy Push base. Maybe someone has suggestions or Wicked can make one? :D

  2. I'm a th9 and in war my base got attacked 8 times and didn't get 3 stared. I was number 17 (out of 25) and their number 5 and 4 attacked and got 2 stars

  3. That means i am a th8.75 since I don't have x bows but everything else

  4. this is why I haven't placed my xbows down yet either!! I don't feel I'm strong enuf yet! get other defenses stronger them I'll get them!!no hurry

  5. Whats this bases war weight?

  6. What is 8.75

  7. I'm totally copying that

  8. Nice video man! You earned a new sub about a week ago!'have a great day

  9. wow can i hit a shout out

  10. Lol no qt, you don't have time since your at Finland right?