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Aug. 2016 Balancing Update: Effects on War

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  1. i think it will give more balance to the game by nerfing healer untill the big update coming on September,queen walk has become the meta almost for 1.5 years from now ,time to see some change atleast for a 20day before the big update which might fix mass attacks by including a newer defence or trap and after that i think our bros will return back to coc(jake and matty)

  2. You will be missed healers.. #RIPHealers :(

  3. Why can't we have an actual update it's all always just balancing

  4. it will total bullshit if healer will be targeted by traps. In high league how we are suppose to 2 star high level player above us. You know aq walk help us to deal about 35% of damage.

  5. jake saw this coming

  6. Healers should just have their hps reduced so they take 3 shots from air defences. This will make the attack strategies have more skill and complexity as the attacker will have to focus on a way to take down air targeting units more offen. I have spoken to you about this on One hive Labs channel (where I found this awesome channel!) Where we both thought it was a good idea to stop mass healer attacks. Hope super cell change their decision on making healers target air traps and hopefully that's why the delay in the update. Ps thanks for the awesome content as usual

  7. oh fuck I just started using Healers lose two days ago

  8. I like the change to healers personally. A seeking air mine is a single target trap. At most you'll lose one healer during a queen walk. For overpowered HGHB and queen charges you are at more risk of losing more healers making them more risky. I like the balance personally. We'll see though.

  9. They don't need to nerf healers and buff point defense, they need to buff splash damage in order to nerf bowlers and miners ffs. Fucking idiots I didn't know it was possible to mess a game up like this.

  10. "we want more two-phased attacks!"
    "But how should we do it??"
    "Lets nerf the most used first-phase of a multi-phase attack!" – SC probably

  11. the healer nerf is just…….soo stupid lol

  12. So are valks still effective? I love them red hair bitches

  13. A slower miner will take great advantage of the heal, HOWEVER clearing out a base in 3 mins will be much tougher.

  14. The only logic i see behind this update is trying to keep mediocre players in the game by not letting their bases get owned by good players.
    Mass bowlers are pretty much only affective at th10 if the base is really poorly designed, so nerfing just the bowlers wouldn't have made that much of difference for the mediocre cry baby occasional player…
    By nerfing the only phase of the attack that required planning and skill they make sure 3 stars are gonna be way harder for everyone, noobs are gonna be happier, and if you think about the people base we are talking about you can see why they are not and probably will never listen to the minorit of the community represented by elite/good players…

  15. #MakeHealersGreatAgain who's with me?

  16. if healer starts triggering air bombs then its not worth of 14 spaces ………… should also be reduced to 5 or 8………………….otherwise update sucks


  18. Th11 definitely doesn't need any help being easier, its already too easy for spam attacks to 3 star at th11


  19. I think the miners will get more heal time, but most miner attacks I see are almost running the clock out. so slowing them may have attacks running short.

  20. and i thought they're going to reduce clone spell housing space :/ so disappointing

  21. you should really give ash credit for the miner comments, he stated this 1st & I'm sure you got it from him ?

  22. i just got into queen walks :(

  23. I personally think th9 is fine difficulty wise. You have th10 and 11 if you want harder bases. Anyways nice replays man.

  24. Everyone is overreacting about the healer nerf. Keeping queen alive was actually way too easy.

  25. Hey Bisec, random question here but how often does Genesis do arranged wars and/or potlucks? I'm wondering because I've been thinking of applying to somewhere where arr wars and potlucks are on a regular basis. Thanks?

  26. I think this would be a better path for SC to go down:

  27. y not trying sth to bring all clashers back n make it famous again?

  28. they are doing the same they did with witch… making a OP troop ( bowlers, miners, witch.. ) and then make the so useless to shit…. Nice Job SC !! oh wait they will ruin QWalk at the same time… !!! yeah let's all play Clash Royale

  29. Do u think modders will benefit from the healer nerf?

  30. whats new? if it works, break it… i think i will work on my healer/witch attack comps. groovy.

  31. All of my seeking air mines will be going outside of my base. Nobody… I mean nobody will be queen walking me again.

  32. I don't know. I really like HGHB. It really got me and others reengaged in clash after some burnout. I am bummed. I really don't like nerfs to troops as a solutions to balancing. Especially after they previously buffed this specific issue.

  33. Great balance update for th9's! Gives the defender a chance to nullify spam attacks (HGHB etc.) & scale up anti-AQ-walk defenses. Overall this will mean less fresh hit 3s and more emphasis on clean-up. On the flip side though using perimeter air mines will make bases weaker to air attacks (great trade off). Personally I think keeping air mines inside the base is the way to go because it defends well against both spam attacks and air attacks, but I think you will see lots of AQ-walks foiled the first time around by perimeter air mines. Either way, things will be more interesting now @ th9. Cannon buffs is also good for th9 balance, but god I feel bad for all the th10 & 11s out there. The addition of air mines and buffed cannons will hurt until SC hopefully balances the game more towards offense at those levels. Having said that I do think spam attacks are dead at th10 & 11 as well with the changes to air mines (yey!). As far as minors go, I think everyone is underestimating the nerf, but well have to wait and see how it plays out (hopefully it is indeed a nerf lol). Finally, I think the eagle artillery tweak is a step in the right direction in promoting multi-phased attacks, so over all I am optimistic about the update.

  34. So, they are making healers useless; I wonder if SC just wants to kill the war community?

  35. clash is dead. they ruined the game. dont spend money on clash royale, they are gonna pull another clash of clans

  36. TH9 does not need balancing, it is no longer endgame. Having many attack strategies that can be successful at th9 is a good thing for the game. They should worry about keeping th10/11 in balance.

    The healer nerf is probably the single worst decision the clash team has made thus far… dead on stating no one was asking for this.

  37. 8:26 NO. Miners are not op at th10. You can't just spam them and get a 3 star, you need a well planned out walk and good pathing to get a tripple with them, they are op at th11.

  38. Sounds like they are testing some more stuff. And things may change. Who knows? Hoping they hear the community, because these next few updates are huge for the lifetime of the game.

  39. This is going to be the worst update in Clash history for people in the war community.