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  1. Stunning outro. Love the video PB!
    Keep it up!


  2. LOVE this format

  3. Pb thanks for your information ur my favourite

  4. Question – can u convince jake to come back ??? ? doooo it just doooo it lol miss him but watch you just as much good to see you both

  5. In regards to xp do you think SC will ever make that worth anything? I mean it's only a number as is.

  6. Pb is there a way to call sc. i have had 0 luck using email to get my lost account back. i play on two divices with 3 different accounts and lost my maxed th 10 account

  7. @powerbang Have you heard of any new troops coming out yet?

  8. I've just started a clan. 512. If anyone is interested on joining.

  9. TH10 and TH11 are broken. How is it possible that it is easier to 3 star at th11 than it is to 3 star at th10? The Warden has broken the game. SC most likely can't get rid of that hero, so I think The Warden should be available at th10. That would balance the game out.

  10. this game is a total fun killer it is 50x more difficult to 3 star now so I'm not playing it anymore also Supercells nerf purges have killed the fun factor out of this game as well and half my clan is inactive they left Clash for more stable video games !!!! bye bye supercell your death is imminent your dam BUFS and Nerfs were your downfalls you couldn't keep the troops strong and let us choose the attacks we wanted.

  11. please let us know how you go with asking supercell about the exp and credits for donations to war cc i started my clan and we have now built it up to a level 12 clan. i as the leader have always been happy to fill all the war cc's and have donated at least 85% of all our war cc's.

  12. He's over 9000?!?!

  13. Super awesome vid!

  14. I was the first question! But he didn't answer the next part :(

  15. OVER 9000

  16. Great content as always PB!!

  17. I think SC said the reason they don't award exp to cc prep day donations is because there is no request time. So you could theoretically sit and fill someone's CC over and over and get exp at no cost to the other person. I personally think they should change it but I think that's their reasoning.

  18. immortality, but everyone you love will be gone ! foreveralone

  19. Hey Powerbang, Could you tell me the best way to upgrade king and queen in town hall 9 also suggest which trophy range and army composition is good for loot.

  20. Sorry if repeat. But when you show recaps aren't you essentially doing the same thing to the other clan? Giving others free scouts.

  21. Great Q&A … thanks for all the informative videos