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BABY DRAGON Attack Strategy Th11- Solid 2 Stars – by House of Clouds Clan – Clash of Clans

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  1. More of these, please! I'm tired of the mass valk or mass bowler or mass miner shit. I used to like ITD war videos, but now they're only miners and bowlers. Loved this one, keep the skill in your vids!

  2. so good

  3. so similar to my th9 dragon attacks in titan)))

  4. really nice vid bro :)

  5. Hi Edd i am your follower since some months ago i enjoy your videos and i want invite you to my clan we have 99 war victorys and i dont know if you have time to come whit us for the victory #100 the name of the clan is MASTER PRO i hope you can answer me if you cant its ok have a good day bro!

  6. daaang this is so fresh, ill give it a shot. nice vid ed thanks

  7. Nice video Ed 🙂 I was with you in clan Quantums Web nick:Matúško :D