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BABY DRAGON + HOG | GOBOHOBA | New TH9 War Attack Strategy | Clash Of Clans

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  1. buena estrategia, la acabo de usar en guerra y me salió bastante bien, tomando en cuenta que soy th8.5

  2. Hey, how do you feel about trying an indie game called Strayspells?

  3. Nice strategy for those who have low lvl valks,
    works good for me :)

  4. Hello Ransouvi and everyone else,
    I made a new clan,
    I'm a TH9,
    Running good, lvl 3 now, but not going great in wars,
    Need skilled war recruits..
    Thnx a lot if you can help us
    Clan tag : #LJURLRRL

  5. qual o nome da 1 musica?
    what is name of the first music?

  6. nice strategy i really enjoy watching that looks like it works really good can't wait to try it out keep up the good work ?

  7. hy sou nice …but 1 question…..will the new update have an effect on these attack strategy's. ..

  8. Best intro ever ? great video btw

  9. Very nice bro…i like

  10. Use bowler with any logical troop combination and u will get 3 star. Attack without bowler everyone dont have access to bowlers

  11. what name of music please

  12. مبدع حبي استمر??

  13. Another good job sir ;-)

  14. Nice? bro

  15. nice attack

  16. show this attack in war , bcouz we don't know how much time u have attack in FC on each base which u shown ! hope u get it

  17. another great video man ?

  18. lol LINE

  19. nice

  20. Nice word!! Congratz!!

  21. can u make 3 star war attack strategy without king for th9 bcoz I want to upgrade my king to level 20

  22. new strategi.. thanks ransouvi

  23. Hehehehe This is a new experience and a strong thing wars .. You are awesome, man.

  24. Loved It ,, ✌✌✌

  25. very nice

  26. can u make a pekkawalk or hphb video for th8? pls

  27. could i join to your clan
    im lvl 95 th8 max & there is 4 days away to th9 :)

  28. nice bro

  29. اول واحد ??