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BABY DRAGON + MINER COMBO | “BABYMINER” Attack Strategy | Will it work?? | Clash of Clans

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  1. Cool MAN !

  2. #babyminer

  3. I'm early, Lemme make a joke!…

    Great video! lol no joke

  4. Yo man saw your comment on one of the Freedom! videos in which you said you'd like to help people out. No i dont want any shoutout.
    So i'm already partnered with Freedom and want to do clash of clans (i'm a th9) and other gaming video as well. What are the tips you can give me to get started :)

  5. #babyminer

  6. can i upgraded all my barracks and dark Barracks with town hall 9.5?

  7. Nice video. I like ur editing .

  8. Subscribe me plz

  9. Cool update attack

  10. Wicked you aren't a townhall 11? You should farm hard and get it! Awesome video man!! #Babyminer

  11. Can u clone the heros

  12. I wish I have miner lol. Wow Man Congrats for 44k Subscribers :D

  13. #babyminer

  14. first lol hi