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BABY DRAGON + VALKYRIE | GOVA + BABY DRAG | TH9 New 3 Stars WAR Strategy | Clash Of Clans

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  1. i love your videos

  2. nice attacks bro !
    nice strategy too
    keep it up,, gonna use it for the next war looks very effective

  3. this is what my fellow clan need to see.. keep it coming bro, our clan don't have access to bowlers

  4. yuo goood broooooooo

  5. i requested to join your clan when you officially announced th8 and th9 player to do 50 50 attack few days back but why on earth did you rejected me.??

  6. wassup

  7. nice video ???

  8. What is your favorite attack strategy +ransouvi

  9. u really great I wish challenge u one day

  10. Wow awesome ? Lake continued ????

  11. مبدع استمر???

  12. I like the music ! it's so warm .Btw ,it's awesome strategy

  13. aww man second comment xDDDD

  14. First ?