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BALANCE DAY!! Spam Alive & Well + Intro to BO + NER at Th10/11 in Clash of Clans

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  1. mass miner and mass bowler still fine

  2. do something about cloud in legend league its soooo ridicules

  3. Would definitely love to have an in depth tutorial, hitting various base designs. I'm tired of just doing pure mass miner attacks, it's kind of refreshing to be able to mix a kill squad in there and make it a two phase attack.

  4. I would like to know if anyone else has seen the message on the loading page that says minion's no longer spring air traps or has this always been the case?

  5. can u give me a free gems link? pls pls

  6. ASH.. Will you be doing a video on base setups ,its been awhile.

  7. Hey ash, any chance the miner buff actually works? Come visit Nitro Fish 2.0. Enemy th11 with lvl 3 miners hit one of our mid level th10 with 44 miners. He only got 2 stars and 54%.

  8. Wow Does Supercell even do any play testing!! So far still good at TH9.

  9. I use my BOMB army for my TH 11. Bolwers, Miners, Barbarians. I was Prototyping armies and this one stood out when I made it. I expected a fail as I was using Tier One troops for a heavy part of the army, but its a quite effective 2 star. The goal is to use your heroes and bowlers to crash into the TH/Infernos. Then, funnel your barbarian hordes left and right thru the main passage created earlier. Back em up with miners, and you're set. Tell me your luck with my army! :)

  10. he made so many dick jokes lol

  11. Just got to TH 9… was so excited to use Queen armies… FUCK.

  12. boner? how about valkyrie giants and miner? hmmm ????

  13. I just saw you respond to a random and now happy viewer that asked you to do a th10 video! That thing made my day – there's 1 nice guy in the internet! Gratz to u man

  14. hey ash! i am still facing lots of the old fashioned th11 ring base (th, and all high dps towers in the center box) in small war (15vs15) especially my mirror #, would appreciate if you could do a bo+ner 3 star strategy for an average player as i usually end up with a 2star 70%++ win only thanks!

  15. please make a video for th10 war attacks please, and thanks


  17. Level 40 queen, TH10, experience is just alright.

  18. Congrats on ruining the game supercell! With healers dead and queen walks done I just used spam attacks for the first time in war.

  19. ur enjoying this too much ash haha

  20. Thank you Ash. I definintely would love to watch a video to teach me how to do Bo Ner attack on defferent types of the bases


  22. yes please go in depth for th10s and 11s thanks ash

  23. SC know they buff the miners hands down.

    and to say it a nerf feels, like they are laughing in my face.


  24. Are you sure that heal affects miners while underground? I've seen rage affecting their movement, but I watch replay after replay and I always see miners popping up hurt and no visual cue to them being healed (no white aura or feint glow on them) until they come up

  25. As long as the eagle artillery has the triple damage on golems there will not be any attacks like supercell wants them.

  26. The Boner attack has been growing in popularity. – Ash 2016