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Banned from Clash of Clans

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  1. I feel bad for you dude, the same thing happened to me. Luckily I had a collection of ITunes to gem up another max th9 village. You're totally right, you should get unbanned. Supercell should have told us they knew we were modding and to uninstall the mod.


  3. because China ten cent company. that is why super cell ban lots of players account

  4. Haha.. Chill Bro.. If u still wan to play juz make new Account.
    I lost 7 Account nearly Max TH9/10/11 after played since 3 years get Ban too.
    Let's play Pokemon Go..
    “Hail Hydra! Immortal Hydra! We shall never be destroyed! Cut off one limb and two more shall take its place! We serve the Supreme Hydra, as the world shall soon serve us!”

  5. Hahahahaha he must be acting hahahaha

  6. #savemingsingling

  7. hahahah lol bro!!
    hope supercell to bring back our accounts ?.

  8. I know that feeling.

  9. Learning funny guilt birth layer.

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  11. good ..lets us make the super cell to cell her game right now

  12. boo hoo

  13. These retards in comment box didn't realize this video is a joke/satire/parody?

  14. hahaha fuck shits

  15. Good boy

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  18. a permanent ban is not the solution to punish the players but will create new problems more serious … … imagine the losses suffered by the player while playing this game coc ! , When the loss … loss of material ( money ) , because only 3rd party applications all went just a bit … in other words you (the owner coc ) hurt us financially and time just because you give a permanent ban to us as players . … see what happens later … ?????
    #banned permantly coc
    #nikola.t a jerk
    #ethan.p a jerk
    #justice for player
    #clash of clan
    #super cell

  19. hhhhh me too my account is banned

  20. good job dude.hehe
    mine too banned