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Bans Begin in Clash of Clans!

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  1. master weet did leave onehive because he admitted modding

  2. why is the loading screen 2015 version?

  3. COC Question: How many clans were you in before joining Onehive and at what TH level did you join OH?

  4. Modders, hold this big fat L

  5. Good riddance modders :D

  6. Thank You supercell for finally removing the noob modders who can't make their own bad ass undetectable third party software.

  7. Congrats on 1,000 videos and nearly 120,000 subs!

  8. yooooooooooooooshhh ! i love it.

  9. hey jake. are u not going to play clash royale ?

  10. Did anyone realize on Nicholas' attack he had the defending queen up the whole time?

  11. unfortunately. there are still modders in coc :$

  12. Well I believe that the top (modding) trophy pushers left for clash royale so supercell is finally cleaning up the the game for e sports money now. As long as supercell focus on war and not pushing the game will be clean.

  13. I can't wait to farm all their dead bases !
    Bwahahaha !!

  14. lollin at the sour grapes responses "we never wanted those accounts anyways"

  15. only took 1000 videos for this one lol!

  16. Too little too late I don't know if this is enough to get players back

  17. i don't mod but i think sc is messing up by banning people. like you said in your video u were seeing drones and drones of people getting banned. and although for war it is a good thing cause it makes it fair play but what do you think will happen to most these modders? a lot will quit right away, some may stay for a bit but when they can't do good in wars anymore they will end up quitting. some will quit playing just for the fact they can't mod anymore.there are thousands of people who just play coc for wars that use mods. so they won't have any interest to play anymore. what will sc do when they lose thousands of players? and all that money? you may think your doing the community good by banning these guys but you are just gonna hurt the game in the long run. if sc loses all these players and money they will lose interest in keeping up with the game and just let it die. good job guys

  18. finally a banned wave


  20. the big question is, were there any closet modders in Onehive?

  21. 60 modders disliked this video ;)

  22. I must say that clash esports would be very nice.

  23. Just to note : I am completely fair play. As a computer forensics analyst and software engineer for many years, I have learned that if there are proper resources there for the company (xMod), they will always figure out a work around, that bypasses supercell's "anti-cheat." It took Supercell almost 2 years to "abolish" modding from the game. Once an advanced enough software is developed to be used by players, if will only potentially be another set of months until Supercell is able to compete. Sad truth I believe.

  24. coc is dead anyways

  25. One of my guys got banned for having bluestacks installed….not xmod or ghosting…bluestacks

  26. At 3:38 how did those 2 valid get into that compartment. Jump spells isn't touching it and the wall hasn't been destroyed

  27. supercell had to do something if they want to be involved in esports. Clash of clan is the 2nd highest revenue game next to league of legend

  28. i've got banned for two weeks for nothing
    but its okay im fine with it
    i need a rest of clashing for a time

  29. I haven't been his excited to play clash in so long