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  1. When is this update coming?

  2. Thanks to all the ppl who quit since th11 update barch is alive. so many dead th10 bases in crystal

  3. hey ash when you going to bring another video of gods of Olympus?

  4. doood i got a elixir pump in arena 5 wff check out my chanel to see I have the vid

  5. I've always used BARCH for farming since I was th4, it's just amazing.

  6. Still think it will get back on its feet

  7. People still play Cash of Clans? Damn.

  8. Love clash royale sadly it has killed clash to a certain extent

  9. have you tested barc with th 10 yet ash?

  10. You are raiding with barch, your lab is empty. Why are you not upgrading you barch troops then?

  11. I have been barching and finding dead bases for months now, i get a couple million in loot a day and have no problems keeping my builders busy

  12. This made me want to play Clash again

  13. Hey Ash! Is there any chance I can talk to you?? Because I'm getting lose my patience in war im th9 and my enemy is th10!! It happens this last 2 war and i nearly 3 star them but the time was not enough!! I hope I can talk to you and show you the replay thank you!

  14. Just find dead bases which have a lot of resources in collectors

  15. It doesn't make any sense to Barch now… It takes 15 minutes to cook Golem and Pekka If you have them precooked forget it… I don't even run into dead bases with full collectors… But what I'm finding is bases with 800k loot and 2 K de… It's best you make a heavy army and core to the middle. You get a 1K elixir every fight. Barch makes no sense and is a waste of time. I just got a 800 K raid for an 72% 2 star win. Fuck Barch… It's inefficient.

  16. how about in master 1 ash? (th9)

  17. Yo ash what is your intro music called?

  18. you wish

  19. Hey ash!! You are my idol, Keep doing what you do best!!????

  20. 1 st

  21. Yay!!!! Used to love Baruch!

  22. coool