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Base Reading 101 | TH 9 Vs TH 10 Attack Planning | Clash of Clans

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  1. gj jo. i think you was right with the bowlers they just detroyed that base. maybe i wouldn't have done the queen walk took 1 golem instead (56 housing space vs 30) one golem could have tanked cc king etc and left over for hogs 3 or 4 less valks more hogs. gj got the job done thats all that matters

  2. More like this would be great

  3. Hi

  4. thank you Jo, like this insightful video, very rare… like to see more of this

  5. checking in on ya man nice vid and thx for your advice man the quality of my vids increased alot…and I'm actually moving with my subs thx again ?

  6. Man I love these base reading videos! They help more then you know, keep it up man good job