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Base vs Base vs INSANE GAMING vs Clash with ZGhost vs Z McQueen ♦ Clash of Clans TH8

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  1. epic video 😀
    I have to say that I think Z McQueen won this one because it was an anti 3 star base and a base I haven't yet seen, the other 3 looked like or similar to many internet bases I've seen.
    but still, great job everyone :D

  2. Was great doing a collab with you, Captain!

  3. AWESOME SAUCE… Facepalms (Who even says that anymore)Good music tho

  4. caption ur go at this

  5. dang this was cool

  6. Nice video bro wondering who edit it lmao

  7. thx for the vid

  8. nice video

  9. First

  10. Base vs Base Clash of Clans Collaboration with the following Channels…
    Clash with ZGhost
    Z McQueen