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BATTLE BROS!!!! – NEW TOWER/DEFENSE GAME!! (When nature strikes!!)

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  1. A summer year 2´╗┐

  2. The fuck´╗┐

  3. we're u playing against molt?´╗┐

  4. I got to wave 55 by my self because my partner left on year one fall.´╗┐

  5. I'm level 11 after two days and I reached wave 59 by myself´╗┐

  6. Level 11 wave 108´╗┐

  7. ahahaha he gave up on clash. finally.´╗┐

  8. Lol, The Princess might be the GrandWarden´╗┐

  9. wave 444´╗┐

  10. I got superbro and I am lvl 10´╗┐

  11. I went to winter´╗┐

  12. 713´╗┐

  13. This is the song from Kirby Air Ride ?´╗┐

  14. I got to round 9000000000000000000000000 REALLYnot´╗┐

  15. 44´╗┐

  16. In the beggining, it sounds like he is fapping´╗┐

  17. 200´╗┐

  18. I got too fall´╗┐

  19. I got to summer round 13´╗┐

  20. disturbing as fuck´╗┐

  21. Who wants to play with me? Gamecenter: Saneliooo´╗┐

  22. i play it its super cool???´╗┐

  23. I played this game and my highest wave was 62 fall year 2´╗┐

  24. i got to wave 12 summer´╗┐

  25. my highest wave is 36´╗┐

  26. more more more´╗┐

  27. I just downloaded this game its so fun I got to wave 18 I think´╗┐

  28. Godson come to my clan to see a fail in war where the queen gets stuck in a wall she doesn't attack it she just gets stuck the clan is called [halo]´╗┐

  29. 12´╗┐

  30. Looks good, I'll give it a try sometime!´╗┐


  32. godson I requested for ur clan they declined mined inviting me´╗┐

  33. Downloaded it, looks interesting. Tower defense games are my favorite.´╗┐

  34. Krzysiek Tfarog Lbn is my nick to this game .I have the Best skin in the game´╗┐

  35. i got to round 27 co-op since my team mate was level 3 he disconnected at round 3(aussie problems) then i soloed to roun d 27 and an accident that dragon 1 shot me
    wahhh but so worth 5 achievements xd i love this game literally best lot i got was 10 k+ exp 3 k+ coins 300+ minions slain
    but ik molt and nick got to over round 55gg´╗┐

  36. :D´╗┐

  37. Hi´╗┐

  38. The game has Kirby music?´╗┐

  39. invite me my Facebook is Mugan Zhang´╗┐

  40. can I John´╗┐

  41. This is just another rip off of Mario and lugie´╗┐

  42. ^^´╗┐

  43. You know, it took me until 6min 42sec to actually look at GodSon's face cam. Well I suppose I was interested in the game.´╗┐