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BATTLE BROS!!!! – NEW TOWER/DEFENSE GAME!! (When nature strikes!!)

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  1. A summer year 2

  2. The fuck

  3. we're u playing against molt?

  4. I got to wave 55 by my self because my partner left on year one fall.

  5. I'm level 11 after two days and I reached wave 59 by myself

  6. Level 11 wave 108

  7. ahahaha he gave up on clash. finally.

  8. Lol, The Princess might be the GrandWarden

  9. wave 444

  10. I got superbro and I am lvl 10

  11. I went to winter

  12. 713

  13. This is the song from Kirby Air Ride ?

  14. I got to round 9000000000000000000000000 REALLYnot

  15. 44

  16. In the beggining, it sounds like he is fapping

  17. 200

  18. I got too fall

  19. I got to summer round 13

  20. disturbing as fuck

  21. Who wants to play with me? Gamecenter: Saneliooo

  22. i play it its super cool???

  23. I played this game and my highest wave was 62 fall year 2

  24. i got to wave 12 summer

  25. my highest wave is 36

  26. more more more

  27. I just downloaded this game its so fun I got to wave 18 I think

  28. Godson come to my clan to see a fail in war where the queen gets stuck in a wall she doesn't attack it she just gets stuck the clan is called [halo]

  29. 12

  30. Looks good, I'll give it a try sometime!


  32. godson I requested for ur clan they declined mined inviting me

  33. Downloaded it, looks interesting. Tower defense games are my favorite.

  34. Krzysiek Tfarog Lbn is my nick to this game .I have the Best skin in the game

  35. i got to round 27 co-op since my team mate was level 3 he disconnected at round 3(aussie problems) then i soloed to roun d 27 and an accident that dragon 1 shot me
    wahhh but so worth 5 achievements xd i love this game literally best lot i got was 10 k+ exp 3 k+ coins 300+ minions slain
    but ik molt and nick got to over round 55gg

  36. :D

  37. Hi

  38. The game has Kirby music?

  39. invite me my Facebook is Mugan Zhang

  40. can I John

  41. This is just another rip off of Mario and lugie

  42. ^^

  43. You know, it took me until 6min 42sec to actually look at GodSon's face cam. Well I suppose I was interested in the game.