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Beautiful AIR ATTACKS – Lavaloon + Baby Dragon + Dragons by Quantum’s Web – Clash of Clans

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  1. please Legends Fails. hehe nice vid

  2. Question: Why you legends increase your collectors/gold mines ? (MONEY, MONEY, MONEY) :D

  3. 12:23 Jumpscare

  4. Love your fuckin' commentary!!! you're da bosss

  5. super nice raids ?

  6. Holy shit! I know Mr. P! I was at the same clan as he was last year. Whiskey CoC. He was already maxed out at that time

  7. good video

  8. im from jpn11 a coalition of clans in japan and im wondering if we can haave a friendly war with you guys..hoping you would reply if its ok

  9. ey yo soy de COLOMBIA ey unase al clan war Latina

  10. laik si hablas español y ves esto en ingles :v

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