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Best Bomb Tower Pack + Buying 2x Bomb Towers + Best TH9 Attack Strategy Post Update | Clash of Clans

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  1. I could only get one as a max th9

  2. U bought a bomb tower

  3. Hey Wicked! can i join your clan?

  4. Cool ??????

  5. After the update I'm using more gems and money into the game.

  6. hey! plz make a best war base th8 video so that I can stay wicked!

  7. #gettothetowerrrrrrrrr

  8. Zyou did it wrong… If you had brought both the bomb towers not directly to lvl two from buying and pack but from defence in shop… Then the next offer would have been 10 000 000 gold and 1 00 000 dark elixer…..

  9. I bought bomb tower pack.. I received the gem but didn't received the gold and the tower bomb ..what should I do. I send message to supercell yesterday but no reply:(

  10. Hey Wicked I bought that bomb tower pack and since I just upgraded to TH10 I got a lvl 2 inferno 6 mil gold and 1800 gems for $20! I really wasn't planning on dropping infernos yet but a great deal!

  11. The 99cents deal comes when u purchase the available deals

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  13. I got one that is 4-8 mil gold I forgot it's one of those. 100k DE And 1200 gems for $10

  14. Haha all these "supercell sponsored" youtubers are talking about the gem pack and how its such a great value and all that. So obvious.

  15. #Turndownthemusic

  16. #GetTheTower

  17. I got a th9 one for 10 mil gold, 100k de, and 1200 gems

  18. When will we get some witch attacks?

  19. #getthetower!!!

  20. then I bought the next one that was10million gold and 100k dark elixir,,,i loved it

  21. Yea I bought that soon as the update came,,now it's being upgraded to lvl3!!!

  22. When come the minertournament again!!! PLEASE WICKED, READ THIS!

  23. My Value Pack, which I bought, was for $10, containing 10M Gold, 1200 Gems, and 100K DE!

  24. First….dislike

  25. i got 100k dark, plus 5 million gold and 1200 gems for 11.99 CAD

  26. i got 100k dark, plus 5 million gold and 1200 gems for 11.99 CAD

  27. Same as you Wicked. After the initial deal, I got the 900 and 800 + 80 Gems for 0.99.

  28. #get to that tower

  29. Am I the only one who thinks he does to little damage..?( Bombtower)

  30. Hey wicked! Can a get a reply for being early? Also what do you think about this new update?