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Best Clan Castle Troops UPDATED | ANTI BOWLER & ANTI VALKYRIE | Clash Of Clans

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  1. Golem works well against valks, its explosion can really damage any valks attacking it.

  2. Great video Ash. You deserve more subscribers. You work really hard for each of your videos

  3. join my clan Elite Indians 7

  4. More th10 videos plz ! :)

  5. Dude you help us get better unlike other youtubers that only show replays in higher levels. Love your videos!

  6. im a poor kid from africa. pls subscribe to my channel n help me eat food.

  7. Any chance for 1080p 60fps soon?

  8. Have you tried Golem in cc vs Valks? The splash when it explodes does big damage to them.

  9. doubletime ash holy that was fast 😀 i think minions and loon is best for me i am th9 worked pretty well so far :-)

  10. What about a new spell, an opposite spell. It would make defensive attackers troops attack everything and troops that target everything attack defences. It would last 20 seconds and would not effect lava hounds. What do you guys think?

  11. Ash, have you tried a mass miner attack? My clanmate has been having good success with it. He has maxed miners by the way.

  12. Why does the miner do nothing on defence?

  13. Ash u are a mind reader ! :D

  14. hey Ash, love the videos but would like to see mid level attacks from TH8+ attacks as well as failed attacks and why those didn't work, thanks :)

  15. Ash what should th8s have in their cc besides drags

  16. Love that background music!!! This video rocks!!

  17. I am a th9 and I use 1 baby dragon ,1 valk and 3 wizards in wcc. They do a huge damage on mass valk attacks and Govaho , and my base is tricky to 3 star so my base only gets 1 and 2 starred but hasn't been 3 starred with that cc combo yet lol

  18. Kimbo slice R.I.P ??

  19. hey Ash i have my alt account and i still have a santa strike and pumpkin bomb surrounded by walls! lol i am an OG player

  20. im early leme think of a joke hmmm….

    x bow in cr needs a nerf lol

  21. Valk is so good lmao

  22. Great vid Ash!!! Battle was just talking about this…. Great info!!!

  23. Love the baby drag with valks, it's working great in out Th9s and bellow

  24. Regular drag with baby drag?!?!

  25. ##?

  26. Golems work especially well against talks- they all snap to it like they do to the queen and then the explosion damage wrecks them

  27. im early xD

  28. + Clash with ash Can I join your clan I'm active person th8 crytal but I am pushing to the champ

  29. I'd subscribe if he replies to me

  30. Justo awsome

  31. The sound is fucked up



  34. Minions work for me A LOT. At th9

  35. Yah Ashlain. Tell them all the top dog secrets why don't ya… lol Good stuff man