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BEST? Clash of Clans TH9/8.5 “DARK ELIXIR” Farming/Hybrid Base! (Town Hall 9/8.5 Farming Defense)

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  1. wtf X bows? 8.5? WTF .

  2. make the same with x bows

  3. Hey Barcode,can you make a TH8 Trophy base that will help me get into masters please? Thanks :)

  4. You're missing one more Archer tower btw

  5. th7 base please

  6. base th9 full plsss

  7. Can u do a war base behind gowipe, hogs and drags? Of th 8 please

  8. go th 7

  9. hi can you do a th7 trophy base plzzz

  10. base is epic m8 I tried it out and it worked perfectly

  11. tw 7 pls

  12. Nice 8.5 base looks sick can't wait to use it

  13. where are the xbows

  14. good job keep Up the good work

  15. how can forget the x-bows ???

  16. where is the xbow?

  17. there are NO Xbows ???

  18. there are NO Xbows ???

  19. Awesome base man, keep doing what your doing! :D

  20. x-bows ?

  21. You should make a YouTube clan and I will be sure to join as many others (18k subs) will want to join as well! Loving the th9 bases!

  22. استمر يا ورده

  23. اكس بو وين

  24. place where 2 gig bomb,change to 2 tesla

  25. 3rd comment

  26. good

  27. Follow me on Twitter @barcodeYT and tweet me questions for a QnA! 🙂