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BEST DARK ELIXIR FARMING = PEKKA!! Clash of Clans 120,000+ DE A DAY!

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  1. Really great video, thanks a lot for this

  2. I will try it ?

  3. you should try a givalwipe if you can get the tactic down it is really cheap on the dark like 6 to 700 takes less time to prepare and trust me is very very affective even more so now with the time reduction. ps to get it spot on it takes a week or 2 to truly master but the rewards are worth it

  4. Almost 150K man! Congrats, great video!

  5. Ash, is level 8 queen alright to use this strategy

  6. Would love to give this a try, even though it takes a while, but my spells r upgrading, so I only hav eq and poison

  7. whats the most consistent composition? 4x healers; 4x PEKKA; 10 Wiz; 4 WB,; 2 jump, 2 heal? Please help :D

  8. This works at th8 too. I do 4 pekkas 8 wall breakers rest wiz and a couple minions. Drop one pekka on each side to create a funnel then two pekkas heroes and wiz down the middle with 3 rage

  9. I'll stick with the old inactive loots. Let those dudes keep their loot who actually play. You're ruining some people's days by farming their DE. Never forget that.

  10. tbh, with all these recent bans.. number of dead bases have increased tremendously! im using simple Old giant healer barch, still getting tons of DE at th9. u dont even need pekkas bro!

  11. I would always take a pekka in my clan castle instead of bringing my own (cheaper). I would also mostly bring it with Gibarch armies since most of the time my troops can get into the core but not have enough firepower to wipe it out (this is where the pekka would come in). Anyways, this would be a very good strat for higher level bases or if you don't care much about elixir.

  12. Is this game still alive?

  13. love the update

  14. Reupload?

  15. not good for low level Archer queen

  16. You should try using haste with your pekkas Ash just another variation and may even do better. Grant it that I have not tried it but it seems like it would be a good fit

  17. Pekka*

  18. Perks are too much elixir tho

  19. Sniping full drills lv2+ with archer queen ability and barchgob with zap/quake to take out full lv3+ drills in core 🙂 op af. Pekka farming is good too lol

  20. Just farm with giant and goblin with jump and fury it's more easy and fast

  21. Soo good. Like this strategy, also thanks 😀 :D

  22. great vídeo Ash!

  23. sorry bro.. max th10 goblins are the best And fastest way to gain DE. esp with a jump and heal spell. doesn't matter if it's a live or dead base.. and since the th is a resource as well a rage spell helps to maintain trophies.

  24. nice strat.

  25. Ash keep up the good work man followed you for a long time. I've mentioned it many times before but I have a raid loadout that is awesome you have yet to make a video on. I've been trying to tell you for months now, I have replays I can show you man. I watch all your videos just asking you give the loadout a chance. Clash on man!!!

  26. I tried this after your first post and 3 starred first try 83% next got all de over 5k in two raids! Great help"

  27. What about farming a lot of DE but need elixir and gold for Walls?

  28. If you're queen is upgrading, use some more wizz and giants to create a funnel.