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Best TH8 War Base – Anti Everything – Anti 3 Star – 2016 – Clash of Clans

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  1. got 3 started by dragons

  2. This base is fabulous! Go to the clan FACTORYSETTINGS and check this guy named "Chief Gabe" and he has this base design if you wanna see it! You can even join his clan to check out some of his replays of the base, and I have to say it holds up pretty well. ??

  3. Make a th8'5

  4. That intro is bae

  5. how about adding some defensive replays? Those give the best layout evaluations

  6. I'm going to assume that the clan castle is unlurable, so nice job on that. That being said, it is reasonably simple to pull out the cc by placing four hogs on the top left or top right cannon, or the bottom left or bottom right archer tower. One of the best ways to make an unlurable clan castle is to have a ring of defenses around the outside, so when hogs take out one defense, they'll path to another that's still outside of the clan castle radius. If you don't do this, four hogs can take out one defense and then path in. Still, a design of this style is much better than one with a lurable cc.

    Another problem is the giant bomb spots. You have two places where giant bombs could reasonably be, and lo and behold, that's where they are. It doesn't make sense to put them where any of the teslas happen to be because it messes up the pathing. One of the best things about anti-three star bases is their unpredictability, and having obvious bomb spots doesn't help. The same is true when you have a base that's almost completely symmetrical, to the extent that you have the lab inside of the base to match the town hall's area. However, even if you disregard that small issue, both bomb sets would be tripped one at a time, because you're always going to approach the bomb set from the shorter side and work your way through it, tripping the front one when you're on the first defense(s), and the back one at the last defense(s). A heal will allow all of the hogs to survive that. What I suggest is to create somewhat of a loop of defenses with a double bomb between two of them near the core. That way hogs will always trip both at the same time without some very creative pathing.

    If I'm attacking this base blindly, I'm going to go with a quad-quake golowipe. Place the quake spells to open up the top left mortar compartment and the three middle compartments (it's not hard), and almost the entire base is open. All three air defenses go down, and balloons will target the outer archer towers. To defend against this in the future, I'd suggest making cores of bases such that they don't stretch across the base AND they can't be quad-quaked open to completely open up it and every compartment next to it. That works with rectangular cores with inner spaces of 6×6 to 8×8, since anything larger is going to likely make the entire base too open. Beware that it IS possible to completely earthquake open a 6×6 core, but you'd need just about perfect placement to get it done.

    Overall, this is honestly not a bad base. It's one of the better ones I've seen on youtube. However, it does have its flaws, and I decided to be very nit-picky because you seem to have the basics down, and now it's just down to fine-tuning everything. Good luck on your next base!

  7. replay pls?

  8. awesome bro

  9. +Taj th8


  11. Great base, great intro. GG


  13. first