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Best Town Hall 7 (Th7) Farming/hybrid Base 2016 – Protect TH/Storages + Defense replays

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    can i use the replays

  2. Thanks man you really helped

  3. yes it works! not the defense the dislike button works….

  4. music?

  5. the problems are definitly DRAGONS,i got 3 stared when i was Raided by them…
    but nice looking?

  6. Like this comment if you think this base was helpful, I'm torn between his TH7 bases…

  7. does it protects good for th8? cause here in gold III I get attacked by alot of 'em and I get 2-3 stars from them .

  8. the th8 that you use in ur defence replays is it yours


  10. Jack plz add a real one because the replay u share they don't have full troops or spell or clan castle troops

  11. layout th 9? A good

  12. layout th 9? A good

  13. Jack, can you please make a design for TH 7.5 and 8.5 with only extra storages, walls, and other offense buildings? Thanks in advance!

  14. Je suis passé hdv 8 hier

  15. war dojo is my friend's clan, not my clan so dont come to see me there. if you guys wanna contact me just go to my facebook page

  16. Huy is war dojo gold your second clan?

  17. Thnx jack it helped alot

  18. yeah do th8 trophy base with replays

  19. Hey man can you do a th8 trophy base with replays?

  20. Hey sparrow ,
    I have a Town Hall level 9 Hybrid base himself built , if you want you view the base times
    Clan Name : Countyguards II
    My name : Serwad
    If you want you can write them rebuild under the comment.

  21. Very good

  22. Thanks <3

  23. firat

  24. 1st!