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BEST TOWN HALL 8 TROPHY PUSH BASE in Clash of Clans (CoC Champions League TH8 Trophy/Hybrid Defense)

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  1. I'm almost Town Hall 8 maxed. I'll test this base and I will say to you, if it's good or not.

  2. +Barcode can you do a th 8 war base please?

  3. Thank you !!!

  4. Really good and nicely well done

  5. Does AnyOne Know What Is The Name If The Private Server He Is In?

  6. Awshum

  7. Make another th 9 trophy base

  8. Do u think i could use that base in clan wars?

  9. LIKE

  10. im subbed to this guy because he uses good music, dont even play this game ? ? ? ? ?

  11. Of course ,awesome base…im going to use it and im going to build it rn …nice job!!!??

  12. thanks !

  13. كلش حلو استمر

  14. Epic!

  15. Nice one I really like that one

  16. Awesome video ??

  17. Nice job ^^

  18. nice base,just earned a like

  19. Love you barcode pls make th 7 farming best defense

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