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BEST UPGRADE Strategy for WAR Optimization in Clash of Clans | .5 Debunked

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  1. Do you think 0.5s will matchup with another 0.5?? btw awesome video as always

  2. I'm sry, where is the algorithm link? probably in front of my face…..?

  3. I did love you and your videos.. now YOU SUCK BRO… I went to 10.5 based only on one of your previous videos. "is .5 still viable" after the update you said "more than ever" WHAT THE FUCK ASH?!!!!

  4. Im unclear on this… Does stronger troops balance out with a stronger base defensively for your mirror, or for a higher player in your clan?

  5. I think we knew about offensive and defensive weight before. Defensive weight shows by your storages during war, offensive weight shows by your recommended target at the start of war (I had an alt 7.5 at the bottom of our map for a long time with maxed th8 troops, my recommended was typically the top enemy TH8, whilst others above me defensively but behind on troops were recommended lower bases). Though it has probably been the consensus, .5 hasn't had universal consensus. JTJ U (now RunBuck on YouTube) did a long vid explaining why they don't use .5s, and they have a very good war log.

    Personally, I've recently been recommending keeping offence and defence balanced to my clan. By which I mean, upgrade your defence to the point that you can three star a well designed base of your own defensive level with your troops (say on ~50% of hits), in the case of th8/9s. That way your team should get the job done at th8/9 whilst setting the enemy as hard a challenge as possible. Also you're

  6. thnx Ash, Clash on, hope to visit our clan some day soon, Grown 2 War feel free to check us

  7. When's the modding response from Supercell coming?

  8. Im upgrating my th to 9 so what should I build first ash? Nice vid keep it up.

  9. Ash so im a th9 going as a 8.5 and did not put xbows so now you are saying xbows do not affect the match making anymore ? Is it ?

  10. So ash I'm currently 9.5… Would it be wise to drop infernos and 3rd Xbow for war matchup purposes? Let me know plz I would be glad to hear your thoughts this thank you

  11. 10.5 ahhhh in that horrible limbo of bad Queen and Warden. back to the drawing board with my crayons looking like Madden was over.

  12. One question Ash: I have th10 full troops, spells and defences. But my heroes are 35/35……..should i wait 40/40 to upgrade th11?

  13. I'm here at 666 views

  14. Im still gonna do 8.5 but i will consider your statement thx for the info it really helps and i love your vidz

  15. so what about the th11s deffenceless?

  16. can you comment on defenseless bases? they can hide low on war map because of defense weight. but their offense can be the strongest. is their offense accounted for in considering "top bases"? do these based have even higher balancing disadvantage with the new update check box?

  17. I was going to go 10.5 but I guess it's not worth it anymore ha. Should I stay th10 for walls or go th11 now?

  18. man just went to a th10.5 and now i get this news. does that mean i should just build the artillery or still hold off you think? I have max th10 troops and spells other than heros but held off on some defences at th10 so not a max base.

  19. Sooooo. upgrade responsibly?!

  20. I recently started a defenseless account. So, when I eventually reach th9 max offense with no defense, how do you think that will affect my clan?

  21. Darn that just screwed me

  22. I think with this new info .5's actually hurt us is the past, but the new update is going to take defense into consideration more heavily? Won't this make engineered accounts op?

  23. i know what .5 is but im a maxed 9 except my heros and a few walls im gonna wait to get heros to 30 but when i got to 10 i know u want to evenly do offense and defense but to keep my weight low should I focus my troop upgrades to war troops first so other troops dont push my weight higher? as always thanks for the videos ur friends from ash to ruins

  24. Nice explaining. When I first saw the patch notes I thought they were buffing .5, but they weren't.

  25. Interesting to hear more about the war algorithm, hopefully fading out the .5s will help with more balanced wars in itself.

  26. You forgot the update that's coming, where they will weigh defense more than offense.

  27. Ash, I've been 8.5 since January, got all my war troops done and only my tesla and AD are max. Do I start my Defenses now to keep it even?