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BIG CHEATER of Clash BANNED – Tobias Spirit Hawk aka Spiritfuck Got Banned – Clash of Clans

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  1. What is the point of this video? So you can insult this person?

  2. toby is banned muahahah

  3. lol yet all of ITD uses 3rd party software.

  4. Why are his mines and pumps not full when he's banned????

  5. Fuck you Tobias is not banned he dont like coc anymore he played cr thats the reason because he's inactiv you Fucker

  6. Fuck you

  7. Fuck you

  8. Hes nit bannen you motherfucker

  9. ed he is Not Banned What a shit You Are say stupid things:)

  10. if u get banned..u will kicked automatily…i thing tobias is not banned..he only not active..

  11. This guys base isn't banned but just simply an abandoned/dead base. It's still in a clan so cannot possibly be permabanned

  12. Yeah every account that is permanently banned gets Automatically expelled from the clan. This happened to my leader and all 3 of his accounts. He said "good night" to everyone and then 15 minutes later all accounts "left the clan" at the same time. I kik'd him and the next morning he said all accounts were permanently banned. I also witnessed this in several other clans I visited that morning.

  13. Great video, but it's not banned! when players get ban, SC automatically take their account out of any clan.. It seems he just stop playing.

  14. just dont spread drama its just boring

  15. No drama

  16. Banned Accounds are not visible in Multiplayer! And they get kicked out of their Clans by the System automatically! You should know that Ed! Tobi is maybe just in Holiday, dont blame him for that! Btw I enjoy your vids, good stuff dude!

  17. Ed is bipolar !!!

  18. not banned, they were not left on servers as dead bases bro they were deleted lmao

  19. How is he banned when he has a clan? All the banned accounts were kicked from clans. He just doesn't have a shield so hasn't attacked this league yet..and since Defenses are empty he hasn't been on to reload them is all. I like your channel but shouldn't make stuff up just to bash on guys you don't like.

  20. que porra de lingua é essa

  21. One of my accounts got banned it left the clan. He's not banned.

  22. This village is not prohibited village banned expelled from the clan and village Delirious There has Klan

  23. It was just a dead account lmao

  24. Cheater is more noobies than mega nubs,agree Ed? :D

  25. Ain't banned… I got a few of mine banned… Can't join any clan after being banned.

  26. Ed He Is active He changed his Base ^^

  27. Millon vidii suomeks? ?

  28. if an acc is banned,he exit his clan.

  29. Denkst auch du wärst der beste und fairste …

  30. he is inactiv ???

  31. Tobi is not banned ???