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  1. Idk who to pick but Ik it's gonna be a tuff war

  2. Onehive uses mod… You have it hard

  3. Is it almost live right?

  4. What time is this stream man?

  5. 00:00 GMT

  6. u said around 11 european time its 01:16 and you are not live ? :D

  7. wow i almost missed this! thank god i found this vid :D

  8. wow great match up. Good luck guys.

  9. What time in uk ?

  10. Love you PB but OH all the way.

  11. Yes!

  12. What about the reddit troopers vs clash heads war

  13. You gonna have the song request feature on the stream?

  14. INSANE !!!

  15. WHF all the WAY baby!!!

  16. Lmao on the egotistical title… So far from being the biggest war in clash history haha… Probably gets you a lot of YouTube clicks to make such a ridiculous claim tho, smart choice.

  17. wooooo…excited

  18. Time to squash some little bees

  19. lol y is amanda cerny there

  20. 1LASTSHOT. I'm just sayin

  21. COME ON WHF!!! WOOHOO!!!!

  22. ima call it a tie & % goes to…………WHF by 0.02%! Just cause of Sixual Predator & Sixpack Kappa

  23. Dont forget to change your decoy bases this time :D

  24. WOOOOOOOO Thanks for making it possible for us to watch it! (Europe time)

  25. lol fuck itd vs aow, this is the best war ????? i hope are u kidding me???


  27. Stream starts at 1 am in Germany. Sry, I'm out. :(

  28. Goodluck to both sides! Looking forward to recaps since I won't have the opportunity to watch live. #TeamOneHive!

  29. WHF by 3 // PB 3,1 ?. Jake 2,2 ?. Odds, -140. Contact your local bookmaker now, #GOM. Side bet, IUJimmy 3/2?, even money.

  30. Yeww! Awesome. When does it start?

  31. onehive ftw!

  32. 11 pm Europe?

  33. not even close to biggest war in clash history lmao. Its not a terrible war or anything but neither of your clans can be considered one of the real top top fp clans lol.

    Cool war, probably interests a ton of people who aren't actually involved in the high level war scene, but don't say dumb shit like biggest war in clash history LOL

  34. All spectators win? We all just want to see high level attacks!

  35. my vote is for whf.. as last war Jake didn't take ur base seriously.. get that 150 boys

  36. EL CLASICO!!


  38. I will get hate for this, but in my opinion, WHF>Onehive

  39. Biggest war?! lol!!!!!!

  40. What's with the British flag behind pb?

  41. goodluck to both clan!

  42. Will u be uploading a war recap if by chance i miss the live stream?