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Bloons TD Battles – THE MOST INTENSE GAME MODE EVER! – BTD Battles Epic Strategy!

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  1. 1:50 those grapes are fired out of a damn cannon ;-;

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  4. i like how in the background he was playing a pokémon song ??

  5. I need a refund, my Lamborghini never came.

  6. just had an AMAZING game a few mins ago!, Round 68 and everything was great! Then my game freaking screws me over the flipping mountain, and LAGS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so done with this game! Ok ill probably go back to playing in a few days… but ill just plat btd 5 for now…

  7. guys just posted my first video it would mean alot id you would please just check it out

  8. lel 40k

  9. Play the one that cost 2,000 medalions!!

  10. 4:39*

  11. illuminate confirmeddd!!!!! @4:29 his money is 666

  12. 4:42 Satan is possessing colson's money

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  14. I want a golf ball!!!

  15. +CLASH OF COMEDY note that red boats are bfb, blues are Moab, and blacks are ZOMG

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  17. 04:41 ur money its oh no illuminati confirmed #doritosr2gud4u


  19. +BLOONS TD COMEDY YOUR MY FAVORITE and can me and you play against each other

  20. Can you accept my friend request on your Game Center thanks dogg