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BN vs. Engineered Clans And What It Means To Be Fairplay

  1. You lost to devils fury because you failed to clear th10s and failed to double top 11 lol this has nothing to do with egineered bases. Nobody nor sc can tell anyone how to build their bases. You lost because your clan lacks the skill needed to win. This comes down the clan managament. Lol keep on crying

  2. Seems like only ones butthurt are those who dont want others knowing they have engineered bases. Could that mean you agree engineered bases arent FP? You decide

  3. Any and every elite FPC would agree with the commentary regarding engineered bases. Every clan makes decisions on how they want to play the game. That's why some clans are more respected than others. The only whining I hear is in the comments. Maybe you guys should make a video about how fun it is to play your way, and see how many people agree with you.

  4. Listen you imbeciles he said this is what HE views as fair play. He didn't say they cheated or didn't play fair. He's giving his view and opinion on engineered bases and he's not the only one bringing it to attention multiple elite fpc are complaining to so stfu and clash on!

  5. Lotta whining from a guy who's clan uses a lot of .5s. Pretty sure you need a thicker pad sista.

  6. look yall. someone should not let their defense pass up their offense on upgrades, and vise versa. someone should not let their offense pass up their defense on upgrades. a ".5" is only used in bn for players who are new to a th, or a player with low heros. i am a th9 with 20-11 heros and my point defenses are lvl 8, and my x bows are lvl 2, everything else is max. i ran 8.5 until my heros became 10-10, then i dropped 1 x bow. when i had 15-10, i dropped another x bow. and recently i upgraded them both th lvl 2. with low heros it is hard to attack max th9s, so i keep my defense to the lvl of base im comfortablw with attacking. i try to keep my weight to somewhere where the person i match against can 3☆ me with the heros i have. and i can 3☆ them with the heros they have. as far as engineered bases go.. a th11 with th9 lvl defenses is wrong no matter your hero lvl. the extra spell and troop space, and troop lvl gives u an advantage to easily 3☆ a th9, where if u were a th9, u may have failed and thus your team would have needed to waste more attacks on that base. it all comes down to the # of tries the enemy has to use on your teams base. if the enemy clears the bottom asap in war with no wasted attacks because they have an advantage with extra heros and troops and spells, then the enemy has more tries to attack 15-25 bases up with that same offense lvl that they are attacking th9s with. anyone can 3☆ a base if they have 5 extra tries with extra heros and extra spell space. if u can 3☆ a th10 with your offense lvl, u have no business not having infernos. and u also have no business matching th9s.

  7. #butthurtnation You can't just blindly accuse people of "cheating" because of your arbitrary definition of what that constitutes NOR is it in good sport to start a spying accusation in the rumor mill. H8s gonna h8.

  8. It was a fun war to have played in. I am very disappointed to hear/watch this video. -LMNTrix (former Devil's Fury member)

  9. This video isn't meant to trash DF even if thats how it may have come across. The point is to project that the massive advantages gained by having engineered bases is not fairplay. Clearly we have different perceptions on that facet of the game. Nobody claimed you were spying. That was clearly a metaphor saying that even though spying is allowed it isn't fairplay. I don't even understand how that is being misconstrued. We had a terrible performance as mentioned numerous times in the video and one of our th11s had warden down. That is on us, clearly nothing to do with you and not your fault. If you wanted a 30+ minute just on your bases i could have done that especially on your 15. A max TH11 with TH9 defenses. Clearly you guys have a talented group as i mentioned also in the video, but if you think that us having 40/40 heroes compared to 33/33 heroes is equivalent to having 8 more TH11 attacks you're goofy. As for our th10s, very poor performance. However your th10s were just as bad. Your 10s cleared only 1 of our 10s even with extra attacks. Clearly that's just as bad. Not to mention 5 th11 fails on our th10s compared to 0 on our part (LSU had hero down). Again, nothing personal, this isn't a pissing contest. Just have different views on base building tactics. We would love to have a rematch in the future if you are willing. Good luck to your clan, and no hard feelings on our part.

  10. Man I'm bummed. I used to have a lot of respect for you guys but I know a lot of guys in devils fury and they are 100 percent FairPlay. And you did a really bad job of showing the entire clan, making em out to be one of those engineered clans which they aren't. My biggest issues with this vid are A.) this wasn't an arranged war, so obviously the matchup is gonna favor one of the clans. that's out of furys hands. I know for a fact they get bad matchups too, but you're acting like they spied and hunted you. B.) you mention how you used to be a .5 too, then continue to bitch about it. A lot of these guys are just making the move from th10 to 11 and you can see that by the fact they have little baby wardens, you can't force someone to sit out of war until they can max their warden and as far as I know there is no rule in the FairPlay war clan handbook that says you have to build an eagle when your warden hits a certain level and then upgrade eagle to level 2 when he hits a different level. C.) you are trying to trash a good FairPlay clan by calling them not FairPlay which is the second shittiest thing you can do in class (second to being not FairPlay). All in all I lost a ton of respect for you all after watching this video. Probably won't watch anymore of ur vids.

  11. i'm happy or you cla… i'm love war not royal…brazil❤?

  12. Wow you guys are a bunch of whiny bitches learn how to take a loss ?

  13. Wow,Y'all had all the th10s with max heroes and not a SINGLE th10 could 3* any of our th10, Also y'all used 6 raids against out top 2 and yet couldn't 2* #1. Agreed offensively we had 3 more 11s (not 4) but 2 of our th11s just had baby 7-8 wardens, and defensively we were perfectly matched 4 eagles each legit. You had 11s without eagles and 10s without infernos too.So many of your 10s had to dip too against our th9s.If you can't 2 our 11s and 3 our 10s(with max heroes) them why whine and make up excuses.If u the lost the war it was because of lack of skill.

  14. Disappointed in BN. Was a good war with you and my respect to solid players and some well done attacks but honestly hard to respect the clan after this whine fest. If your going to make a video about a imbalanced matchup then show all the bases. Enigma from DF here and for general knowledge the war was slightly in our favor and by no means a huge mismatch we have two bases that could maybe be considered engineered a th 10 and a 11. And a couple more th 10.5s. But hero level favored BN. But for a clan that uses .5s and strategic use of war weight to complain so much about it is insulting. Just fyi the BN base he mentions that has lvl 1 infernos is an engineered base 40/40 heroes with th 9 lvl defenses. And to talk about spying before mentioning us giving the impression that we may have spied and that's why you lost????? Wtf we are a honest fp clan and would never do such. In an ideal world there would be no advantage in coc but we all fight uphill battles sometimes and it was far less of an advantage then he makes it out to be. Man up BN.

  15. I will try join your clan today

  16. Great video?