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BoGoWiWi Attack Strategy with the Bowler! Clash of Clans – Live TH11 War Attacks

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  1. One of a dumb attack ever seen!

  2. intro song plz

  3. Your my Fav! Youtuber about CoC!!! love ya! hope to support you but im my self is student. and i know the struggle….

    peace out!

  4. wow channel is growing…

  5. Its works on th 10 with Bowler lv 1?

  6. Under 301 views squad!

  7. Ash is the type of guy to pour milk first so the cereal has a soft landing. ?

  8. What's the min lvl queen I should have for a queen walk at th9?

  9. Hi Ash can you make a video on how to use the poison spell now please

  10. BoGoWiWi = Bowlers + Golems + Witches + Wizards. Previously, we only had Golems to protect our precious Wizards and Witches, but te Golems did not help protect them from Multi Target Infernos. But now, with a bulky ranged attacker like the Bowler, we can use them with GoWiWi and completely block the Multi Infernos in the core to keep our Wizards and Witches protected in the core. Which makes this an excellent 2 star strategy for TH11 players. Add in the Queen walk, and you be looking at a potential 3.

  11. Did anyone notice the redesign of the air defense?
    And nice vid as always Ash. Keep it up.

  12. Nice fisrt time I ever saw this kind of attack…..Cool…..

  13. Wow third comment lets go!

  14. Roses are red
    My name is dave
    This makes no sense

  15. first