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BoLaLoon : FAIL vs SUCCESS : Clash Of Clans Strategy Sessions for TH9

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  1. Yo Ash, any idea on what's coming for balancing the game by SC? I know you can't give specifics, but generally speaking; is there something coming?

  2. I definitely like this style of video, I always enjoying analysing attacks to see what could have been done differently. I always panic on my laloon raids and is more often than not why I don't get the 3 with them, nice to see it broken down a little more with the fail and success in this one. Great work mate.

  3. Very high Quality content ! Enjoyed the Video a lot : liked and subscribed :)

  4. golelaloo

  5. Townhall 10 strategy and defenses for Clan Wars pls, thx????

  6. Rerembre ash that deck in clash royale the the arena 3,4,5 deck well do you have a card that counters the lava hound?

  7. This is very valuable content for me!! loved the analysis Ash! Please keep bringing these attack breakdowns.

  8. Love the fail success vids it helps in the learning process Thank you Ash.

  9. Nice video ash! Love your attacks

  10. Great video. When the strategy / planing phase and consecutive the fail / success is explained that well I just want to go ahead and do it myself!

  11. please ash do videos like this on th8 9 10 11 like it a lot to find reasons for flop and success

  12. Very Nice video Ash. GJ

  13. Thnx ash

  14. thanks been waiting for this please more on th9

  15. we love these type of videos

  16. nice video man ! keep up the good work!!

  17. hi Ash

  18. what tablet do you clash with ash prefer to play clash of clans the ipad mini or the regular? thanks

  19. Definitely do more of these ash! This was an incredibly helpful video. Turn this into a series man!

  20. Im selling my town hall 9 clash of clans base dm me on instagram @alex_385_ or kik me @paxhecox for more info (payment thru paypal or amazon)

  21. thanks for the tips ash, nice vid, like it

  22. glad you haven't quite coc like all the other YouTubers, keep it up buddy

  23. some th 9 farming please!

  24. absolutely ash..would love to have more videos like this one! being a th9 it helps a lot.. thanks for your efforts :)

  25. Def like the fail / success vid Ash.. Especially TH 9 content.. Keep up the great CoC vids bud..


  27. love the fail review. we all fail but seeing review your attacks is great

  28. These kind if videos are great for teaching how to plan war attacks. I need to learn some new attacks for th9 so I love these . Thanks for still making quality Clash videos as it still my favorite mobile game

  29. I enjoyed this. Something a little different. Nice work.

  30. i love you ?❤

  31. Nice video, I like how you did these breakdowns ?

  32. Another outstanding video Ash. I really enjoyed the fail and success of attacks. Very informative as always!!!

  33. Like the air raids… like the fail and success- tells you what mistakes you should avoid.

  34. Ya Ash! Love the air raids:-) and love the fail/success ?

  35. good video i think keep up the good work and thanks for making these kinds of videos they help me and a lot others

  36. Ash can you do th8 strategies?

  37. I'm not early so I won't think of a joke

  38. These are very helpful thanks so much!

  39. Ash, awesome content as always…like how you actually show your mistakes and how to correct them. ? Keep up the good work!

  40. Bring 9.5 of this

    If possible

  41. Got to th9 today, my name is ares and you face clan called ares. Illuminati confirmed? ?

  42. This is awesome..make more

  43. Thanks for featuring videos that show errors and what went wrong. Some of the other channels that only show perfect 3 star attacks are getting pretty boring. We all learn from making mistakes.

  44. Hey ash can you do some th7 attack statergies?