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BOMB TOWER TROPHY BASE / HYBRID TH9 BUILD!! (Clash of Clans New Update!!!)

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  1. We all have been trolled by Super Cell there is no update

  2. when is the new update

  3. yesss new video

  4. aye th9 base thanks

  5. oh nvm

  6. Is that a real commercial?!?! Lmao

  7. hey what about th8 cuz th8 is getting bomb tower

  8. When is update?

  9. Whahahaahahahahahahahahah fucking hilarious! Your back!

  10. Make a dark elixer farm base

  11. Thanks for the base I've been looking for a base since the sneek peaks came

  12. not the best place for your facecam other than that nice video

  13. There is no update a big lie ???

  14. wow he lose a lot of weight

  15. do a th8 build (no one plz judge my shitty farming abilities)

  16. please base th8

  17. please base th8


  19. wtf lvl 40 heros at townhall 9 gg

  20. the bomb tower isn't out yet tho…

  21. When will this update release? I didnt get any update on mine! Im android

  22. I feel like Godson has a dartboard filled with intro ideas and just wings it

  23. there is a hall in the middle of the base .
    i mean that any body can get in !

  24. Godson, that base is bad and you're a bad attacker, plus all the trophy pushing town hall 9's are using air attacks not ground

  25. Already making new bases before the update has dropped…

  26. when is the update ?

  27. Can u please make a town hall 10 base….

  28. nic

  29. wow you just re make the old base

  30. first

  31. how are u godson

  32. bro you are so funny and starting of video was so funny cant stop laughing ????

  33. it is a really and good base ?

  34. lol i just realized thats my base and all he did was move de storage and put bomb tower in the previous spot

  35. the best update idea to coc (adding filter to attack setting ress how many opponent gives but it make search cost 8X and setting opponent town hall it make search cost 5X ) it will be good idea and !!!!!! supercell need to make elders above only can see friendly trap and cc troop in war because when war starts in opp clan they send some one and they say please accept me and taking pic or trap locations and cc troop best idea please some one tell supercell about this

  36. متى التحديث

  37. godson when the update will come

  38. I have that th9 base it's my main one

  39. wtf

  40. hey guys come in my clan name of the clan is MR JHONSON CLAN TAG IS #RLQ2GJJO

  41. I can easily 3 star that base

  42. Really trying to get over 10 minutes for that ad

  43. The update is not out

  44. fuck you your are a bad attacker

  45. Godson please give me YEAHHHHH!

  46. when is the update coming out?

  47. The update isn't even fucking out yet

  48. If I got that base in my search, I would jump spell on the walls next to the hole in the middle, deploy a golem, drop valks (heal, rage, freeze), lure them in the middle by the queen, and wreak havoc. My valks would then take out the buildings outside the walls (Storages, too), and maybe get a 2 or 3 star.

    Looks very cool (I might use it on my th9 acc), but it's easy to raid at th10.

  49. When da update gonna be out brah?

  50. sorry, but shitty base, ez 3 stars with mass valks + qw, under 1,30 minutes.