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BOWLER WALK IS INSANE! Clash of Clans – Super Bowler Attack Strategy!

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  1. you copied general Tony gtfo lol

  2. I am FAT

  3. Bowler are a good troop in my Opininion.

  4. OMFG

  5. Nice to know, massive hit that one, something to try in the future. Nice video.

  6. Good stuff man! Keep it coming!

  7. thanks to you im farming and growing like a mad. thanks.

  8. Did you do a lvl 6 hog attack yet? Any chance of them being involved in a 3* attack at TH10 and or 11?

  9. man the increase of subscribers is crazy…2000 news in 1 or 2 days…

  10. Great video. Love seeing some use for the bowlers. Should be fun when I get my hands on them

  11. Damn… That was crazy

  12. How can you people play this trash still?

  13. Pls do more on your th9 account:)!

  14. You are simply amazing.

  15. whaaaaaaaaaat?

  16. grats on your shout out from coc on fb today

  17. Use 8 spaces on a troop that is spent by spring traps?

  18. Ash I subed to you your pretty cool! I would hope to clash with you soon!

  19. Awesome Vid ash !

  20. queeler bowl, boqueeler, qball, try queen an bowler walk guys

  21. Damn just hit a 100 % d with the new bowler walk yea ………….

  22. Nice strategy there Ash . And hey guys please subscribe to my channel both for gaming and educational videos ……… And i'll try to give away waffles (>*_*)> ###### #getstuffedpeople.

  23. New sub!

  24. Awesome strategy bro .

  25. awesome video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i never thought of this
    keep coming up with the videos that makes you at a upper side from other youtubers in the matter for starts :D

  26. Who tests this shit? Another stupid OP move by supercell

  27. Bowlers suck

  28. I knew that there was gonna be another way to use the bowlers, I'm just amazed by the creativity of some people, Nice video as well ash :)

  29. Comeon they need to put the 30 sec back.

  30. Finally I found a great use of the Bowler! #BowlerWalk #SuperBowler

  31. hi ash,ive been trying to join one of the altar clans for so long (i am a max th7) but i always get declined.thx in advance

  32. ssuperbb As usual #Ash

  33. the new update is totally shit !! fuck super cell

  34. Hi Ash