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Bowlers for 3-Stars at TH10!

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  1. I never really thought about this, but yeah, seems to work well, personally liked to use 1-2 healers, and my bowlers just refuse to stick together (I even resorted to using 2-3 wiz to funnel a group before giving up). I have been refining a strat that uses healers directly on valks (small q walk or no q walk at all), with some backend hocks, and it crushes anti-3s (generally get 80-90%, but have 17/18 heroes against lvl 12 points, so sure max heroes against max points would make it there) because I can freeze an air d WITH an inferno half the time (so keep healers up and stop inferno at the same time, pretty much double value as far as I am concerned). This seems like a good idea for a variation (mine only works against compartmentalized bases, but this could work on rings, as was proven here. My Strat works on anti 3s because my strat has NO means of inner funneling. I will try and merge a bowler walk with it, and I am sure it will end well, if my bowlers decide to be smart.

  2. my old clan leader once got a three star with 20|20 heros.

  3. Hey bisect!You must have heard of the friendly challenge update….which to me sounds heck a lot like modding…and will surely be misused….
    but anyways do u think this will allow The FP guys to practice and devise new strats quicker since the evolving of new stats slowed down after modding ban…

  4. When they reveal Bowlers. my only thought to use them was Queen walk. lol

  5. lmao barbarian bowl

  6. Awesome attack. Finally we've found out how to use bowlers

  7. Nice vid

  8. nice!