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Bowlers Taking Over at TH11?!?

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  1. u said takling th 11 and thats 2 th 10s bro!!

  2. I was a bit skeptical, but having given it a few goes in Legends League now, I'd say it's certainly more reliable vs TH11, especially the ones that are 'anti-valk' i.e. trying hard to keep you out of the core. Haven't got a 3-star vs maxed TH11 yet, but plenty of 2-stars around 80% damage. Certainly a good pushing army – like mass walks, or mass witches prior, it's pretty much "dump and watch", just need a decent plan and good timing on spells etc.

  3. Don't need to dip, our TH11s are getting about a 30% first try triple against maxed TH11s with meta anti 3 star bases. 27 bowlers, cc giants, 5 healers, and some cleanup arch. 4 rages, 1 jump, 2 poison. Thank me afterwards

  4. Posted right after the bowler buff that our th11s have been three starring th10s and occasionally max th11s… That was before they dropped their housing space to 6. Our th11 has not gotten below a 70% 2 star on any th11 base since he has started using the attack…. Jake, need to read your comments once in awhile, posted this strat over a month ago…


  5. just a thought…I do appreciate the thanks..but on memorial day please don't thank veterans. memorial day is a day to remember those who gave their life in service to the county. veterans day sure thank a vet or active serving lol but as a veteran people look silly when they thank me on memorial day.

  6. th 11 vs 10 ….

  7. modders came up with the bowler attack… you won't admit it though, thats always how its been and always how it will be

  8. I saw it just after the update on Koopa's stream (Twitch).

  9. Hey Jake C&C
    Who do you think are the best attackers overall in OneHive for each town hall level? Which members get the most consistent 3 stars without dipping down? Love your vids, been watching since October when I was bedridden after back surgery lol fully healed now ?

  10. when i saw the clone spell i guessed bowlers in the core with clone and rage

  11. The valks are a spam attack too no real strategy to them

  12. full th11 closed th10 and so? nothing extraordinary or something special

  13. General Tony did this a few days ago, probably where other clan saw it first

  14. Well said jake re supporting our troops.

  15. here's a twist with the mass bowler attack through in some clone spells seen that on clash with ash's channel.

  16. +Onehiveraids just a suggestion if you are going to show a strategy which u learnt from someone else atleast show them do it rather than crispycrunch n making their bases open to everyone to see
    P.S big fan of our keep doing the good work

  17. Max witches, valks, bowlers. Smh what has this "strategy" game become.

  18. Thank you for your videos Jake. Please send them a message that the game breaking mid-war raids, mid, regular raids, mid building a base is not ok. I'm on the best internet available… If disconnected, you just get %$&*'ed. I'm very very frustrated atm… And of course you can't just contact them because they really don't want to hear from the 100 million people that actually play their games.

  19. What is ur stream jake! I love ur vids and I wanna catch ur streams

  20. Memorial Day is for the fallen. Remember them first

  21. memorial day is about remembering those who died in war, save the thanking of current military and military veterans for veterans day

  22. soory :)

  23. OneHive won the war by 1 star 85 to 84

  24. U should check out my clan Coc Blockers jake….our thlls do a lot of bowlers attack and even 3 star some 11s with it

  25. Spencer23 did a video on it a few days ago that was where i first heard about it

  26. Fight for our freedom? We're already "free" I think there are other reasons that were over there. Cough cough big pharma. Poppy plants, other resources.

  27. ah-man jake yes thanks to all that have fallen and fought and all that will fight for our freedom…GOD bless

  28. Memorial Day if for those who made the ultimate sacrifice not to those who served that's Veterans Day. Nice video tho

  29. This guy in my clan tripled a max th11 with it, seems very good

  30. Jake of course war whales didn't come up with it. They're a fpc

  31. These bowler attacks are nuts… We've been running mass bowlers (24-30), leading with a queen walk, and 3 starring well developed TH11's. The composition works on a huge variety of bases, and honestly requires very little planning. That drop to 6 housing slots was pretty significant.

  32. I think Ed from IntheDark showed bowler walks even some one or two weeks ago.

  33. u get me moist

  34. Clash with ash has already a few videos about bowler 3 stars at th11

  35. aamerican soldiers havent fought for our freedom since ww2….now we just invade,police and enforce our political and social beliefs on countries that we can benefit from.i understand being appreciative of soldiers commitment to do their job, make sacrifices of not seeing their families..but just annoys me to hear people say they fight for our freedom.our freedom isnt at risk by any other country.if anything our freedom is at risk by our own government.

  36. That's awesome for you taking the time at the beginning of the video to thank the troops. More respect for you Jake. Keep up the good vids

  37. Hey Jake just met you in pbs stream

  38. What did he mean by " what happened"?