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  1. If I was God n triple og I be upset what can u do too stop the minor they way too strong no strategy at all just let them loose your base is bbq chicken they shouldn't allow troop go underneath walls at all waste of time working on them not a real attack when three yr old can three your base game went from chess too checker no thought at all.

  2. I just became a th10 and was wondering if I should unlock bowlers or miners first, or should I get level 7 giants before both of them? Side note: I would like to get back into war as quickly as possible and I'm not upgrading any defenses until I have a few th10 level troops as to keep a lower war weight.

  3. Ps with the first design, that is a week th11 and the second is nearly max

  4. Er nope, depends to much on base, that second kind of base holds up well against bowlers but gets spanked by miners. I have a base that does not get 3 starred by miners but gets nailed by bowlers. Ps if you are going to compare times, try the exact same base please.

  5. hey pb i want to join ur clan

  6. Powerbang. Question.
    I have 2 ideas that i am wonderingbif you can comment and possibly support through your contacts.
    With spam troops being the main concern here are my small but really nice solutions.
    1st. Give small bombs 2 more upgrade lvls with new visuals and add x2 or x3 damage to bowlers. This would add renewed interest in an otherwise ingnored structure and help with spam.
    2nd. Increase the fire rate of the mortar and increase the dpm. Mortars are basically an almost useless structure and is only structure that misses target. Do the same as they did with archer towers awhile back. Fire faster and higher dpm. I think both would be a good first step. Nerfing troops is not the answer. Thoughts anyone?

  7. Nice idea but the bowlers were raged the miners healed so no comparisson in my opinion but great attacks

  8. I recently made it to th9 and I was wondering what is the th9 meta for war attacks?

  9. Hey PB, I'm a 9.5 going to TH10. Do you have some base building tips against these mass (bowlers/miners/valks) attacks? Maybe you could make a video on this 😉
    Thx anyway man – great channel

  10. course the bowlers are faster miners you practically just heal them the whole time instead of rage

  11. Sometimes it depends on the base layout, and some luck helps too!

    Bowlers are susceptible to double Giant Bombs though. A set of those in a good placement will end your raid instantly while miners can still go on unscathed.

  12. I believe there is a time when you use the one or the other.

  13. miners all the way!!

  14. Why not attack the same base? Then one can do a apples to apples comparison.

  15. Amazing!

  16. Great video

  17. PB you're the man! i send all my clanmates to learn from your vids. Keep up the Great work brother!

  18. I vote miners

  19. Ur almost as good as godson

  20. Bowlers

  21. Cool background

  22. Thoughts on bowlers versus miners at th10?

  23. You talk too much, it is better to reduce your words

  24. Something needs to be done with the Grand Warden, Miners, and Bowlers for th11 to be fair