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Breaking Out of a SLUMP – Getting that 6-Star War Game Back

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  1. "…not only me but my clan weights and… clan weights? Clan… Clan mates! Yes!"

  2. I always plan the crap out of my attacks. I'll spend 30-40 minutes staring a base down, visualizing everything

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  4. Thanks! Man, I'm in a slump and funk now. Needed this video.

  5. That happens to me when i get a rest from wars, then i come back really nervous and rushing my attack; the first from the last war i forgot to drop the CC (one golem), I had brought 3 of them in a quadquakegoho, when i noticed that it was too late, my hogs were found themselves getting a lot of damage (2 stars 83 %). Fortunely i crushed a base with my second attack with Queenwalk + Laloon in a really close war, we win for 2 stars :)

  6. I am have maxed heroes. Half maxed walls and close to lab finished as a th10 and low defenses. Please show more T10s. All i see is goho from th9s and onehive has the right balance of 8 9 10 videos, 11 isn't ready yet i'm guessing. Please show more laloon and t10 attacks, please pb.

  7. GO DUCKS!!!!'

  8. Are you gonna recap war with We Are Raiders im part of the fam would really like to see the recap

  9. Just so happened I found Lord of the BBZ on global a few weeks ago. not sure if you know him. But he came over to my clan and we now keep in touch. Anyway he said most of the things you just did and ive been killing it since then. Always been a three star strat clan but with his help things got easier.  TY for your videos. They really do help people.

  10. One more thing and this is on a content creation tip. I always see comments asking how people can get into an elite clan and like u said WHF has a clan specifically for try outs and a person may get a few or more wars to show their skill. So how about videos of the epic attacks and maybe some fails or stories of a member that almost got kicked but improved dramatically. Just an idea of an added layer of content. Call it WHF TRIALS BY FIRE! ?

  11. Hey I submitted my application into WHF rising man, I hope to be part of the fam. -Alex

  12. I have to say Powerbang that was a awesome video! I just got out of a slump myself and it's inspirational to see that even u guys struggle from time to time but just like u said take a step back and look at what u did practice repeat till u get back your mojo. Once again thanks for the awesome content.

  13. I feel like upgrading your heroes interrupts your flow, and since they're unavailable for war you lose practice time

  14. the way you pronounced their name is surely not the way they intended for it to be pronounced. pretty funny though

  15. We always recommend people to drop a few more spots than normal when slumping.
    Great points in the vid. Keep up the good work!

  16. Power ang, I'm a th9 maxed w/ level 16/21 k/q and few stars but I listen to directives and want to join a 2 war a week 3 star clan. Suggestions?

  17. I understand the pressure thing. I'm the highest th9 in my clan and it always seems to fall on me to bring the war back from the brink. sometimes have to remind myself it is a game that should be fun.

  18. this is somehow one of my fav vid. gj mate ty

  19. Great video as always. thanks PB!

  20. new sub here your videos are great shared with my entire clan !

  21. am I the only one who thinks anti 3 star bases are easier to 3 star than these random anti 2 star bases?

  22. what shirt is powerbang wearing? looks dope. thnx for the advice PB

  23. Preach!!

    Ps: hope your doing better Pb!

  24. YOLO? come on PB…. lol

  25. how do you get a whole clan out of a slump? not everyone can attack low

  26. Don't forget at least a couple basic contingency plans for some of the major things that might go wrong ie: Tesla pops, queen walks wrong way, hound in CC, wb fail etc.

  27. good tips PB!