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Bring Back the Witches (A Clash of Clans Love Song) by Jezza ft. Ash

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  1. Damn catchy song
    Nice job Ash

  2. Awome song ?????

  3. Stuff like this is what sets your channel apart from other Clash channels for me, keep it up man! :)

  4. witch is non sense right now…they have no use..i thinks it is better if they remove it in clash of clans…think about my word supercell…….

  5. #makewitchsgreatagain

  6. omg this made me drink bleach

  7. Lol ?

  8. When you're a th8 lol

  9. sounds like Galedon lol

  10. ?? wicked ash ??

  11. This made me like witches.

  12. Bring them back ??

  13. :D

  14. spread my word Ash for this new update for clash royale

    one can use a card for 3 continuous battle and he has to change that previously used card to battle again.

    In this way noone with stick with a deck and every card will be in play..

    More diversity and more surprizes during gameplay and offcourse a lot of fun.

    and change in chest opening time and chest discard function

  15. best rhythm I have listened after Wintergatan – marble machine

  16. How many times will $€ get away with bait and switch game mechanics before people demand refunds? I get really tired of our investments in time and money being nerfed.

  17. That was awesome bro

  18. its like my gf

  19. 8/8

  20. It's just magical… can't wait to become a skeleton myself!

  21. lol

  22. yes music video for sure

  23. Hahahaha this is why u are the best clash youtuber ash !!! Love it, I remember Jezza from a lava raid video u shared ages ago ! Music video please!!

  24. soo cool.. love witches.. SUPERCELL hope you listening ? to ASH.

  25. lol

  26. #makewitchesgreatagain

  27. #nomutebuttonfortaunts

  28. this was so freaking awesome are creative.i went th 9 little over 2 months ago and wanted so bad to try a witches but now they are my valks tho lol

  29. Checkout my Channel. Im starting to put up my own Channel :)

  30. This one should bring back the Witches! Oh Yeah!

  31. We miss it ✌nice song bro

  32. take the witch away as the troop, bring her back as a hero!

  33. This is epic

  34. Need*

  35. Agreed, we beed more ways to 3 star too!

  36. lol

  37. Ive clashed with pr finest for years he is a great dude he was in kings jewels with us before we all split

  38. your the worst singer

  39. cringe

  40. i know why you say bring back the witches becuse the bowler and valkery took her place

  41. Bring back the witches!!!!!!!!

  42. I'm waving my lighter in the air for you, bro. Totally feel ya.

  43. hilarious bro!

  44. Ash can I join clash with ash btw I saw psy on globle

  45. This song gets me turned on